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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to achieve the text reveal animations this site uses. I feel like it should be fairly easy to do, but I haven't found any helpful tutorials to start from.
  2. I've been able to resolve this issue in the past by using rotation: 0.01, using x or y rather than left or top as well as force3d, etc. Can't figure out why this animation seems to jump forward every so often. I'm using this animation setup to allow export to MP4 and even stepping one frame at a time to capture the canvas shows the jerkiness even more. It's not consistent so obviously has to do with browser performance. I just can't figure out what to do to resolve it. Any ideas? Anyone?
  3. OK after messing around with scroll magic I decided that I would use gsap so i am new either way to this stuff. i have a hero and i want to animate some text headline like this Welcome <--bigtext Hope you like the site.. <--underneath I love pizza <--next etc I have looked hi an low for a really nice smooth way of doing this.. I seen this https://greensock.com/gsap see the banner that is animated with text.. I would like to create this type of animation.. but not sure what they used or where to even begin..
  4. Can not this form be expressed in tweenmax? http://codepen.io/nathantaylor/pen/WowbBE http://codepen.io/equinusocio/pen/KNYOxJ I followed them alike. But the box shadow repeats twice. My codepen.