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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm using TweenMax inside a Vue.js SFC - https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/single-file-components.html It's a Spinner component I re-use throughout our app. As soon as I visit a page using vuejs router - https://router.vuejs.org/ that has a spinner component in it and then go to another page, on return to the previous page, the animation no longer works and I get tons of errors that increment really fast in the console. It may be related to this if vue.js is hiding it for reuse - I'm not sure if I should be troubleshooting in this forum or vue.js Thanks, Gavin.
  2. Hi everyone, Not necessarily having a problem with code to fix but need suggestions on how to approach an issue. I'm working in a mobile application that's running Knockout to create a SPA. I'd like to use draggable to handle the mobile support of dragging since it does so well. However, the nature of my problem is dom injection. Draggable looks for an element selector on page load to create it's logic. However in the SPA architecture elements are dynamically added and removed to the dom based on user interaction. I'm trying to find a way that I could create a generic class which if used would automatically make the element scrollable. I was thinking of something along the lines as Draggable.create(".scroll-container", {type:"scrollTop", edgeResistance:0.5, throwProps:true}); This works the way I want it if the element is already in the DOM. Is there a way I could have this function look for .scroll-container to show up in the DOM? Not sure if this is a GreenSock question or not. gonna check on Knockout forums as well but I have to assume this is an issue others have run into and felt it was worth checking here.