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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, I'm currently working on a project with GSAP and scrollmagic. I want to create sections that has scroll animations inside with scrollmagic. So a section freeze for the time other animations came into. Is this section over it should smooth scroll to the next section. I call that somehting like scrollytelling. 1. each section has a story like on scroll there are elements that coming in part a part. 2. if a section has ended the story it should scroll to the next section without effects, like a normal onpager 3. it should be navigatable via next/prev buttons and dots for each section 4. all sections sould be responsive, so I can create querys for tablet/desktop/XL-desktop screens Here the stack where I have a screenshot and detailed information: Stackoverflow I attached a codepen with sections and the beginning of my scrollmagic. Maybe someone has done a similar project or could help me a bit. I want to show first results until the end of next week. Here is a image how it should look: http://codepen.io/muuvmuuv/pen/PbXXXr
  2. I am trying to animate full page(100vh) sections to the viewport and its not working. You can view this same demo http://testanim.bitballoon.com/ (click on "x" icon). As you can see the section that animates into view is visible for a few seconds when it is animating and its opacity resets to zero again from the x position. I would like the section pages to remain visible until I click a button to animate it out of view and sets opacity to zero I don't know what I am doing wrong . Regards.