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Found 2 results

  1. I'm fairly new to React and fresher with Greensock aminations. Want to achieve vertical scroll effect like https://plasticbcn.com but stuck in middle of transition. please guide or provide some code snippets that include react + gsap scroll animation.
  2. I've done a great deal of looking around... I could be off, but there seems to be a lack of authority on best practices for GSAP and react. There once was a 'gsap-enhancer' (no longer supported) that enabled jQuery-like targeting of dom nodes and their children. Syntax was easy. From looking around on the interwebs-- FindDOMnode() was once recommended for targeting... & then "ref='' " attrs (with it's callback feature--which is a bit above my paygrade to understand at the moment I'm frankly, beginning to feel a bit discouraged from using GSAP in react altogether because there is such a broad spectrum of misinformation out there. https://medium.com/@marcmintel/react-meets-gsap-c6dd82edeb72 In the comments, the author says "use refs!" but publishes code examples using findDOM node() ?... It's endlessly frustrating for people to learn about this incredibly powerful, wonderful library. If only a tutorial were available with a simple example of iterating over some list-items using best practices... it would be a big help to a huge number of people. There are a few similar unanswered questions on stack overflow re GSAP and react as well... Clearly there is a gap to fill... ---That said, if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'll write the article myself for noobs like me who remain "out of the loop" P.S. For reference, I did this thing without realizing what a "breach" of best practices it is. I would so like to improve it so that I can learn about using GSAP and react properly. Anyway... Best wishes & many thanks in advance to whoever could point me in the right direction. Cheers, Beau