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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know if we can create a retro game using GSAP? Is it really possible for beginners to create their own basic game using GSAP? Even without physics in the game just to control the character only. Or even control a snake in the snake game. Anyone tried to create a game using GSAP? Can you please share it?
  2. Hello everyone, I was in the process of recreating an effect I made with draggable but this time using TweenLite and while I managed to correctly get the x and y position of my draggable onDrag, I couldn't get these position onUpdate in my tweenlite. Actually I do get a result but it always returns 0 for some reasons. I have actually searched for 4 hours and tried A LOT of solution that were presented on the forums as well as some solutions on stackoverflow and none worked. This was the closest I could get: http://jsfiddle.net/Wurielle/tn9t84d4/14/ The image on the bottom is a draggable element that works just fine by inverting the x position of the content from the x position from the container. I would like to have the same effect with tweenlite but whatever I do I can't seem to get the correct positions. TweenLite.to(slide, 1, {x: "0%", onUpdate: update, onUpdateParams: ["{self}", slideContent], ease: Power4.easeOut}); ... function update(el, target){ var x = el.target[0]._gsTransform.x; var y = el.target[0]._gsTransform.y; TweenLite.set(target, {x: -x+"%", y: -y}); console.log(x, y); } Am I doing something wrong? I really can't figure it out..
  3. I want the SVG animation that I found on the left to have the same effect on the right element. What am I doing wrong?!!?!!?! This is driving me crazy -- why is there a double stroke effect? How can I fix this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. So, I have a small problem. I want to be able to customize things in the throwprops plugin, like friction and bounciness. But it doesn't let you do anything like that, so I wondered, is it possible to combine the functionality of the two plugins?
  5. Stumped on this. I would like to use the attr plugin to do a simple animation for my banners, basically just have an image animate in from the side or top. This page makes it seem like I could use the attr plugin to animate the x, y coordinates of an element. I can get the heigh and width animation working as long as I use a table, but can't figure out how to get the x and y working. https://greensock.com/AttrPlugin My html and scripts are attached. Archive.zip
  6. This tweet is where it started https://twitter.com/gryghostvisuals/status/556154294823813120 I'm doing a series of tutorials and articles for Tuts+ on TimelineMax so I'm interested in types of effects and demos readers would like to see included in this series. Thanks in advance for your ideas posted \o/
  7. Dear People, I love using your library, It's simple and very effective. I have a simple question, I've look in the documentation but can't find an answer. How can I recieve the TweenMaxEvent inside my event handlers ? example: TweenMax.to(iSprite, iRandTime , { y:_topYSpot, onComplete:onEffectComplete } ); private function onEffectComplete(e:Event = null):void { trace (e); } onComplete always comes to the function with no event, is there any way to recieve the event and know the target/currentTarget as usual AS3 code. Thanks In Advance and have a great day. K