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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks, just wondering if anyone can help me with where to look to find out why I am getting performance issues with Greensock in the following circumstances - in iOS Safari, using our custom ad formats. I work for a mobile advertising company, we create custom ad formats which display on a number of sites around the world. Basically we serve animated creative into iframes on article pages, and these iframes animate and appear in various ways on the page that help with customer engagement (see examples here to get some context http://playground.xyz). I've had some issues with one of our Ad Formats (Top and Tail) when it comes to using Greensock inside a moving iframe on iPhones/iOS. iOS places limits on rendering performance for external content in iframes. PLEASE VIEW THE LINKS BELOW ON AN IPHONE... I made a Greensock animation in our Side Push product which worked really well on all devices - http://create.playground.xyz/vusada/25/quiet?pos=header-ad&size=320x50 I made a similar creative in our Top and Tail product using Greensock and get major jank issues - http://create.playground.xyz/zowuzo/27/quiet?pos=header-ad&size=320x50 (You can see the animation working well in the 320x50 banner, but broken in the Top and Tail elements that APPEAR ON SCROLL) I'm just wondering if anyone can give us an idea of how to look 'under the hood' of Greensock to find out if there is anything we can do to fix this performance issue, in our iframes on iOS. We'd love to use the library more extensively, but not sure how to address this performance issue. Many thanks in advance. If it helps you can sign up free for an account on our creative platform (a JS Bin port) and have a play with the code. Sign up here https://create.playground.xyz/login, then open this link ( http://create.playground.xyz/zowuzo/27/edit) to edit our top and tail / check out the JS.