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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I am doing an interactive exhibit for my school's graduation showcase. In one of the exhibit, I implemented Tracking.js, which could detect colours using a webcam. The effect I want to apply is that, once the webcam detect a specific color, it will append the empty h1 and p tags conditionally (example: if detect Red, append h1 to Header A and p tag to Text A, if detect Blue, append h1 to Header B and p tag to Text B). I use jQuery's .text() function to edit the empty h1 and p tags once it detects a colour. However, the effect is quite abrupt. Is there anyway to use GSAP to animate it? P.S: In the CodePen, I did not put in Tracking.js as CodePen could not access the webcam. I used the .click function to show the .text() abrupt effect I was referring to.
  2. Hi, How do I set autoAlpha to many elements at the same time? I would like to fade out all the (.to ) together. the code is : tl.from(copy1, 1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:Power4.easeNone}) .from(hemma1, .1, {delay:0.6,autoAlpha:0,ease:Power0.easeNone}) .from(hemma2, .1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .from(hemma3, .1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .from(hemma4, .1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .from(system1, .1, {delay:0.5,autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .from(system2, .1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .from(system3, .1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .from(system4, .1, {autoAlpha:0,ease:SteppedEase.config(1)}) .to(copy1, .5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(hemma1,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(hemma2,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(hemma3,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(hemma4,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(system1,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(system2,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(system3,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) .to(system4,.5,{autoAlpha:0,ease:Power2.easeOut}) thanks
  3. First of all let me say it's a pleasure finding out about GreenSock and I am looking forward integrating your products (Blitmask and TweenMax) to my projects. THE SITUATION IS AS FOLLOWS: I am making a video slot machine games. 4 rows x 5 columns. Each column represents a Blipmask object. I have 5 BIG elements strips (about 42 elements on the strip) and I use Blitmask(blitmask has dimensions width of element x (4 x height of element) and TweenMax to scroll them. 1st column stops after it traveled the distance of 12 elements, 2nd column stops after it traveled the distance of 17 elements and each column after that, 5 elements added. The last column stop after it travelled 32 elements MY PROBLEM: 1) I want as soon as SPIN button is pressed, the 5 blitmasks to start spinning at the same speed 2) At the end of each tween I want a bouce effect that uses only a few frames for it (regardless of the duration of the tween). I am using frames in my tween as duration parameter. So for example the 1st column runs for 100 frames, I want the bounce effect to be the last 10 frames. For the last column that runs let's say X frames I still want the bounce effect to be 10 frames. So easing out to be irrelevant of duration. 3) I want the bouncing/easeOut to be sudden and not smooth. I prefer minimal deacelleration in the end (Imagine a real world slot machine - it stops very sudden) 4) Finally, I want the sliding speed to be the same for all columns. I adjust the duration accordingly to make sure that the stopping of columns will happen at regular intervals. I tried many easing out techniques but nothing seems to work and satisfy ALL the above requirements. If anyone has some suggestions please feel free to help. Thank you for reading this and trying to help