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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am trying to create smooth scroll animations of long text lines, from side to side (like stock exchange running texts). I have tried applying a blitmask to mi text line, activating wrap and tweening the line to a very big negative X: the effect is what I want, but I wonder if this method is slower than using scrollX, as it sometimes stutters on some PCs. I have tried to replace this method using the scrollX property, and the text line scrolling looks a bit smoother, but I have a problem, maybe I didn't understand how to use scroll property the right way. I have two text lines: - the first one is wider than the window, while its blitmask is as wide as the window: I set a small wrapOffsetX to divide the end from the beginning of the wrapped texts, and scrollX = 0 - the second one is narrower than the window, while its blitmask is as wide as the window again: I set a small wrapOffsetX and scrollX = 0 here too How do I write the 2 tweens to scroll the lines from right to left indefinitely? If I set a positive scrollX for the first line it moves from right to left, while the second line moves from left to right! Thanks