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Found 10 results

  1. Codepen doesnt work btw dont know why.. Hey guys what i want to do: animate them out of the screen then animate them all 3 at once back. How do i do this? i commented out the .from because it will do that first and then the rest of the code. Why is this? Ty guys
  2. Good evening, We having some problem with Drawsvg Plugin. I try to explain what is our problem: In this case, I have a Timeline, with the three states of some button ( the labels "over", "out" and "cli" severaly). In the third state ( the last), it launch the event "click" to execute the code in the "cli" Label. But, as we could see in the developer inspector, the property stroke-dasharray has changed when the DrawSVG is doing when we don´t change this element (polyline class="st1") in anytime. In the inspector you can see this value: stroke-dasharray: 0px, 999999px; Here we put the URL of the codePen that I make like a example: http://codepen.io/stoicom/pen/rrdAJj If you should take a look, and tell me which could be the problem, or error? Thank you very much for yout support. Best Regards!! Rogelio Silván.
  3. Hello! I am building a timeline visualizer, that you can easily connect with any timelines you've made with gsap. The idea is to represent the timeline visually, and let the user scrub through it. It's easy to visualize the labels, since there is a _labels property on each timelinelite instance. However, what I would like to know is: Is there any good way to get a reference to all tweens within a timeline, and all function calls? I'd like to know the time and duration of all tweens within a timeline so I can represent them visually, and also the time and name of all function calls within a timeline. Is this possible? Thank you. /Alexander
  4. Is it possible to move labels around dynamically after they have been created? The reason I ask is that the parameters of my tweens are changing dynamically in realtime. If the start and end point of the tween moves, then I have to remove the tween from the timeline, and insert a new tween with the new parameters. What would be very nice, is if I can create the tweens based on labeled positions, and then move those labels dynamically...with the start points of those tweens moving accordingly. Is this possible? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to assign a label to a sequence when that sequence is already relative to another label? for instance: tl.to("#redBox", 1, {x:550}, "start") .to("#blueBox", 1, {x:550}, "start+=0.05", "second") .to("#greenBox", 1 {x:550}, "second+=1"); You can see the codepen here http://codepen.io/anon/pen/vLtlg But from this snippit you see that the bluebox starts relative to start, and I want greenbox to start relative to bluebox. Is this possible?
  6. Hello... first of all amazing library, so useful. I've been getting to know the library and am trying to make a single master timeline that has different "scenes", then user interaction can play from one scene to the next, stop, and wait from user input. One thing I've found, however, is that if you have an infinitely repeated animation, this will effectively push the playhead to a huge time in the future (representing "infinity" i'm assuming), then any label added after this will be at that point in the future. Very simple example here: http://jsfiddle.net/NK3pe/2/ I don't want to jump to conclusions and my approach might certainly be wrong, but wouldn't it make more sense that infinitely repeated animations should not affect the timeline head, as it's assumed that you wouldn't/couldn't put anything after them anyway? I've looked around the forums and have seen example that pull the tween out of the flow and use callbacks to restart it, etc, but is all that really necessary or is there a simple way that I'm missing? The problem wouldn't be so bad except that even nested timelines affect their parents, so even one nested repeating animation will effectively push the master's playhead out to infinity. Also, I realize that I can add an absolute position to subsequent tweens, but then I would have to add them to ALL tweens after a repeated one, and have to tweak each one if an earlier animation duration changed, etc... Is there something basic I'm missing here?
  7. hi as well as playing back an animated visualisation I want to users to be able to jump from point to point. If I set labels in the animation they point to the start of an animation sequence not its end point. While I can use getLabelAfter() etc + an offset that seems a kludge Is there a means to go to a label play back that sequence & stop? I've got a simple codepen derived demo at: http://thisthen.co.uk/gsaptest/ Mark
  8. Hi - In the video it shows how you can animate between Home, Schhol, Work and Movies. Labels on the stage. I am trying to do this in Flash CS6. I have 4 buttons, and 4 labels with a Flash Tweened animation. I can not find any downloads in Flash and am a bit stuck. Can ayone point me in the right direction please? http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/animation/timelinelite-ultimate-starter-guide-introduction/
  9. I see that I can start the animation from a label with tl.play("skew") but is it possible to stop the animation at a label? Thanks
  10. I have a short slideshow with animated slides. I'm trying to have some buttons call up each slide as they are clicked but I'm having trouble getting the buttons to function. I suppose I am having difficulty understanding how to apply labels and how to skip to those labels in the timeline from a click. Does anyone know of a tutorial that covers this kind of stuff? Thanks.