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  1. add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'centric_enqueue_home_scripts' ); /** * Enqueue Scripts */ function centric_enqueue_home_scripts() { wp_enqueue_script( 'homeintro', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/homeintro.js', array( 'jquery' ), '1.0.0', true ); } Here's what I have for enqueueing the the javascript. I am using a Genesis theme and have installed the following in the theme setting's wp footer: <!--CDN link for the latest TweenMax--> <script src="http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/latest/TweenMax.min.js"></script>
  2. Hi all: I have a project in which I'm going to create some courseware inside of Wordpress. As I've been researching the various WP-based learning management systems I've watched several tutorials which demonstrate the WP LMS plugins and I haven't found one that goes beyond using video and/or other flat media as the content. Is anyone using GSAP inside one of these WP plugins (eg "WP Courseware")? Thanks much.
  3. hey everyone I m really interested in these tools, and oh i m totally new to everything... question, how do I install these into my wordpress site... anyone can help with a setup instruction. i typically wanna use the scroll parallax functions, have a business package no idea where to start. my brain needs an dummy Actionscript i guess.....help thanks for your time
  4. Hi all, I have made an dynamic infinite slider containing animated text for a WP theme but am having some problems. The slider itslef works fine but trying to use a back button on the slider is causing problems. For some reason when I hit 'back' the first slide works OK but then on the second slide the text animation skips, then a while later the one of the functions (the one that moves the position of the of screen image) fails to fire and everything goes out of sync. I have tried reversing, play/pause and a bunch of other things but nothing seems to work. The JS is below and a version of the slider can be found at http://pm.demosite.me.uk/ jQuery(window).load(function(){ var tl1 = new TimelineMax(); var tl2 = new TimelineMax({onComplete: upDatePosition}); var tl3 = new TimelineMax(); var imgArray = []; var contentArray = []; var headArray = []; var subArray = []; var pArray = []; var imgLength = 0; var photoContWidth = 0; var imgWidth = 0; var n = jQuery("#ffslider li").length; var endArray = (n - 2) * '100' + '%'; var picWidth = jQuery(window).width(); var nextBtn = jQuery("button#next"); var prevBtn = jQuery("button#last"); //alert(imgLength); function setDefaults(){ // number of images imgLength = jQuery('#ffslider li img').length; // Full % width of slider photoContWidth = (imgLength * 100) + '%'; //looping through the image length and putting a button and assoc name attr to the btn for(var i=0; i<imgLength; i++){ jQuery('#ffslider li').eq(i).attr('id',i); jQuery('.slidercontent').eq(i).attr('name','slidecontent'+i); jQuery('.slidercontent h3').eq(i).attr('class','slidehead'+i); jQuery('.slidercontent h4').eq(i).attr('class','slidesub'+i); jQuery('.slidercontent p').eq(i).attr('class','slidep'+i); jQuery('#ffslider li').eq(i).css('left', (i * 100) + "%"); jQuery('.slidercontent').eq(i).css('left', (i * 100) + "%"); jQuery('.slidercontent h3').eq(i).css('left', (i * 100) + "%"); jQuery('.slidercontent h4').eq(i).css('right', (i * 100) + "%"); jQuery('.slidercontent p').eq(i).css('left', (i * 100) + "%"); imgArray.push(jQuery('#ffslider li').eq(i)); contentArray.push(jQuery('.slidercontent').eq(i)); headArray.push(jQuery('.slidercontent h3').eq(i)); subArray.push(jQuery('.slidercontent h4').eq(i)); pArray.push(jQuery('.slidercontent p').eq(i)); } startAnimation(); } function startAnimation(){ tl1.to(contentArray, 0.1, {autoAlpha:1}) .add(TweenMax.to(headArray, 0.5, {left:"20" + '%', autoAlpha:1})) .add(TweenMax.to(subArray, 0.5, {left:"30" + '%', autoAlpha:1})) .add(TweenMax.to(pArray, 0.5, {left:"40" + '%', autoAlpha:1})) .add(TweenMax.to(headArray, 0.5, {left:"-100" + '%', autoAlpha:0, delay:3})) .add(TweenMax.to(subArray, 0.5, {left:"100" + '%', autoAlpha:0})) .add(TweenMax.to(pArray, 0.5, {left:"-100" + '%', autoAlpha:0})); endAnimation(); } function endAnimation(){ tl2.to(imgArray, 1, {left:'-=100' + '%', delay:7}) .to(contentArray, 0.1, {left:'-=100' + '%'}); } function upDatePosition(){ for( var i=0; i<imgLength; i++){ if((imgArray[i].css('left') <= '-picWidth')){ imgArray[i].css("left", (n - 1) * '100' + '%'); } if((contentArray[i].css('left') <= '-picWidth')){ contentArray[i].css("left", (n - 1) * '100' + '%'); } } startAnimation(); } function backDatePosition(){ for( var i=0; i<imgLength; i++){ if((imgArray[i].css('left') >= (n - 1) * '100' + '%')){ imgArray[i].css("left", '-100%'); } if((contentArray[i].css('left') >= (n - 1) * '100' + '%')){ contentArray[i].css("left", '-100%'); } } tl3.to(imgArray, 0.1, {left:'+=100' + '%'}).to(contentArray, 0.1, {left:'+=100' + '%'}); startAnimation(); } setDefaults(); nextBtn.click(function(){ tl1.totalTime( tl1.totalDuration() ); tl2.totalTime( tl2.totalDuration() ); }); prevBtn.click(function(){ tl1.totalTime( tl1.totalDuration() ); tl2.seek(0); backDatePosition(); }); });
  5. phsims

    Noobie needs help!

    Hi all, I am currently working on a onepage parallax wordpress site for a client, he spotted a site that had a load of cool effects and wants them adding to his site. That led me to superscrollorama which led me here. I am trying to recreate some of the effects from the superscrollarama demo site on the the clients site. I want to be able to use the same effect on numerous classes and have them trigger when they scroll into view and reverse when scrolling out of view (as they do on the demo site). Unfortunately ALL of them trigger at the same time (when the first class comes into view) and they dont reverse out again. Below is the code from the superscrollarama demo site // individual element tween examples controller.addTween('#fade-it', TweenMax.from( $('#fade-it'), .5, {css:{opacity: 0}})); controller.addTween('#fly-it', TweenMax.from( $('#fly-it'), .25, {css:{right:'1000px'}, ease:Quad.easeInOut})); controller.addTween('#spin-it', TweenMax.from( $('#spin-it'), .25, {css:{opacity:0, rotation: 720}, ease:Quad.easeOut})); I am completely new to this, and am at a loss. Any help/advice would be much appriciated.
  6. Hi, I am a WordPress theme developer. I still give free themes to the WordPress community. I want to use the effects by GSAP in the free themes. Should i join club to release such free themes or should i buy club membership? Thank you and you have opened my eyes that there are best alternatives in the world for jQuery in animation.