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  1. I'm trying to create an animation (timelineLite animation) that can be controlled by a scrollbar or scrubber. a perfect example of which, is the demo swfs on the TimelineLite page as well as the TimelineMax page. The scrollbar has to allow the viewer to play the animation forward and scrub the animation in reverse. Thanks in advance!
  2. http://forums.greensock.com/topic/6734-tweenlite-does-not-animate/page__gopid__24844#entry24844 What happened, I uploaded a file so someone could take a look but now it's gone...? Did I violate some rule?
  3. So I tried searching this on here and stackoverflow too, but can't seem to find the exact same issue. I've drawn an object using shapes on the stage. I grouped everything in a movieclip called "number_mc". After which I wanted to Animate the scaleX and scaleY values of that movieclip like so: var scaleAnim:TweenLite = new TweenLite(nummer_mc, 2.5, {scaleX: 2, scaleY: 2}); or TweenLite.to(nummer_mc, 2.5, {scaleX: 2, scaleY: 2}); But they just don't work, nothing happens, To my believe I'm not doing something different from the dozen times I've done this before. Kind Regards, Shuyinsan PS: I use Flash CS6 btw (in case this matters)
  4. Hi. I'm writing a particle tweening script that tweens a bunch of dom elements, which I each give a slightly more delay. Everything looks fine, but when I switch tabs in my browser (chrome, but same in safari) and after that go back to the tab with my particle tweens, the delay seems to be ignored.. All the tweens start at the same time, without the delay! Any idea why this is? If you don't understand what I mean, I could upload the script to my hosting as an example. Oh, and I thought about using timelinelite for this, but I really want the sort of plugin I'm writing to not be dependent of timelinelite, only of tweenlite. Edit: I've uploaded the test project to my webhost so you can see the problem yourself. http://sanderbruggem...cles/index.html Open the page in a tab, then click on another tab, wait a few seconds and go back to the tab with my test project: the particles "explode" now instead of continuously loop.. I think I know why: the first time the tween is played, the delay is taken into account, but then when I call "restart()" on the tween in onComplete, the delay is not added anymore. Which in general is good: the tween already has an offset regarding the other tweens because of the initial delay. However, probably for speed reasons, when navigating away from the page, all the tweens are being reset/paused or whatever, and on focus again all the tweens are played again (but this time without the initial delay, because it practically fires "restart()" but this time on all the tweens at the same time). So my question actually is: what type of event is used to determine if the window/tab is focussed, so I can intercept this (i've had partial success with window.onfocus() and window.onblur()) OR is there maybe another solution for this?
  5. There have been a number of posts here about various ways to preload images or build dynamic slideshows with the javascript version of GSAP. Please check out this tutorial by Michael from nightlycoding.com. He did an excellent job: http://nightlycoding.com/index.php/2012/09/image-slideshow-with-preloadjs-jquery-and-tweenmax/ Keep an eye on him. He has a number of GreenSock tutorials. Very cool. Carl ---
  6. I am trying to create a timeline that is populated with content from an xml source. My questions are: How do I fade out the previous mc for the next mc? How do I restart the whole she-bang after the mcs have been populated? How do I reset the timeline when the xml file is updated? function loadTaglines():void { for ( var i:uint = 0; i < xml.length(); i++ ){ var tagline = new mc; tagline.txt_tagline.text = xml.tagline[i] tagline.x = 816; tagline.y = 47; tagline.scaleX = 4; tagline.scaleY = 4; tagline.alpha = 0; addChild(tagline).name = tagline + i; timeline.append( new TweenLite (tagline, .5, {scaleX:1, scaleY:1, alpha:1) ); } }
  7. Dear Tutors, This is Sanjib i have a flash web banner which has two kind of navigation in it one is "next and previous button" and second one is "Tween Animated Tab navigation at the bottom" you can download the the folder of the banner by clicking on this link "http://www.touchpixl...er1/banner1.rar" . I want to change the dimension "width or height" of the banner, can anyone make the same logic in a banner in flash file format and upload some where or send it to me at "sanjibpersonaldata@gmail.com", you can see the banner here "http://www.touchpixl.com/banner1" I would like to mention that i have lost the flash file of the "holder" file nad without that i am not being able to increase or decrease the dimension of this banner/slide. Thanks in advance Sanjib Das
  8. Hi all, I started routinely using Tweenlite.to() static method instead of a Timer by setting a fake target (like 'this') and just putting a onComplete on the tweenvars object. I dunno if I should, what about the efficiency of that trick? TweenLite.to(this,2,{onComplete:myFunc}); function myFunc() { //My instructions... }
  9. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Hi, I wonder if we will have bezier support in javascript version soon? I had a great success with greensock and easelJs together, I can almost 100% duplicate what I have done with actionscript 3 before, apart from bezier curve animation...
  10. I have some code that scrolls a movieClip. The problem is I cannot get the onComplete to fire and remove the listener. It will fire when the clip reaches its bounds but not any time in between. Does my code prevent the tween from completing? import com.greensock.*; import flash.display.MovieClip; var mc:Sprite = new Sprite(); mc.graphics.beginGradientFill(GradientType.LINEAR, [0x666666,0xfff000],[0.9,0.1],[0,255], new Matrix(0,-1,1,0,height,0)); mc.graphics.drawRect(225, 50, 100, 300) addChild(mc); var destination:Point=new Point(); var dragging:Boolean=false; var speed:Number=20; var offset:Point=new Point(); var topLimit:Number = 0 - ( mc.height - (stage.height-50) ); var bottomLimit:Number = 120; mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN,startdrag, false, 0, true); stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP,stopdrag, false, 0, true); function startdrag(e:MouseEvent):void{ offset.y=mc.mouseY*mc.scaleY; dragging=true; mc.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,followmouse, false, 0, true); } function stopdrag(e:MouseEvent):void{ dragging=false; } function followmouse(e:Event):void{ if(dragging){ destination.y=mouseY; } TweenLite.to(mc, 2, {y:mc.y-=(mc.y-(destination.y-offset.y))/speed, onComplete:removeEFListener}); if(mc.y > bottomLimit){ mc.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,followmouse); TweenLite.to(mc, .6, {y:bottomLimit}); trace('removedBottom'); } if(mc.y<topLimit){ TweenLite.to(mc, .6, {y:topLimit}); mc.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,followmouse); trace('removedTop'); } } function removeEFListener():void{ mc.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,followmouse); trace('removedEL'); } Note: This code is repurposed. I lost the source for the original code and gladly give credit where its due - so if its yours, thanks and good job.
  11. Hi, here is one I hope simple problem. I`m using tweenlite to simple rotate some stuff and then to trigger some sound when wheel reach a certain position: TweenLite.to(_myWheel, _speed, {rotation:_suspension + (_pieIndex * _pieAngle), immediateRender:true, useFrames:false, ease:easeFunct, onUpdate:playTickSound }); private function playTickSound ():void { trace (Math.round(_myWheel.rotation)); _isWhole = (Math.round(_myWheel.rotation) / Math.round(_pieAngle)) % 1 == 0; if (_isWhole) playSimpleSound(); } To exactly calculate _isWhole = true, I need to have Math.round(_myWheel.rotation) exact position every time when onUpdate occurs. Anyways, for some reason I don`t get those info right, so here is what I get when I try to trace it: trace (Math.round(myWheel.rotation)); 139 156 171 -176 -162 -144 -130 -119 -109 -98 -88 -78 -67 -54 -42 -30 -19 -9 1 11 21 30 39 51 63 76 86 95 103 111 118 126 135 143 150 157 165 172 179 -174 -168 -162 -155 -148 -140 -133 -127 -121 -116 -110 -104 -99 -93 -87 -81 -76 -70 -65 -61 -57 -52 -48 -43 -39 -34 -30 -27 -23 -20 -17 -14 -11 -8 -5 -2 0 2 4 5 7 9 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 21 22 22 22 23
  12. flag468x90.zipHi all While trying out the new v12 GSAP with a small 468x90 banner I noticed the background image shifts a few pixels, like a quick snapping movement once it starts to loop via a label in the timelinelite. Why is this happening? The bg image is img_fundo_mc. Thanks for your help. The code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; var tl:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite({onComplete:loopBackground}); tl.append( TweenLite.from(img_flag_mc, .5, {x:"-=100", ease:Power4.easeOut}) ); tl.append( TweenLite.from(img_cursos_mc, .5, {y:"-=100", ease:Power4.easeOut}) ); tl.append( TweenLite.from(img_saber_mc, .5, {alpha:0, ease:Power4.easeOut}) ); tl.append( TweenLite.from(img_fundo_mc, 1, {alpha:0, ease:Power4.easeOut}) ); tl.insert( TweenLite.to(img_fundo_mc, 2, {x:-13, y:-16, scaleX:0.75, scaleY:0.75, rotation:-10, ease:Power3.easeInOut}), "loop"); tl.append( TweenLite.to(img_fundo_mc, 2, {x:-69, y:-168, scaleX:0.90, scaleY:0.90, rotation:10, ease:Power3.easeInOut}) ); tl.append( TweenLite.to(img_fundo_mc, 2, {x:0, y:0, scaleX:1.0, scaleY:1.0, rotation:0, ease:Power3.easeInOut}) ); function loopBackground():void { tl.play("loop") }
  13. I'm writing an app thatdoes a zoom in and out around a point. To do this I registered a callback function that does a matrix transform. Everything is working great except for the fact that the cllback is called an inconsistent number of times. For a 1 second duration at 24 frames per second the function is called between 23-25 times. Is this a bug or should I be doing something different? I would think the number of times the callback is called would be equal to duration * frameRate. Below is the call I am using: TweenLite.to(target, this.duration, {ease:Elastic.easeOut , onUpdate:MotionUtil.zoomOut, onUpdateParams:[ target, scaleIncrement, _origin, _originalScale ], onComplete:onComplete }); Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  14. I'm trying to plug this into my custom framework before I pull the trigger on a commercial licence and I might be asking a super noob question but I have looked through a bit of the documentation and from what I can tell there is no way of manually updating a tween through a external function. bool = true; TweenLite.to(someMC, frameCount, {useFrames:true, updateOnFunction:updateTween, onComplete:tweenComplete}); public function render():void { if(bool) updateTween(); } public function tweenComplete():void { bool = false; } I'm sure I can program some roundabout way to get this to work but I am hoping I am simply blind Xp
  15. I'm having problems with the code below. For some reason when I export I only see the last tween appear and thats it. I'm using the overwrite manager but I'm not sure if it's working correctly or not. I'm not a advanced Flash user so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the file attached as well. import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; OverwriteManager.init(OverwriteManager.AUTO); // Intro Animations TweenLite.from (gfx7, 1, { _alpha:0 }); TweenLite.from (statement, .7, { _x:7, _y:175, _alpha:0, _delay:0.5 }); TweenLite.to (statement, .7, { _x:7, _y:175, _alpha:0, _delay:3.5 });