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  1. Hi I have simple text logo from Adobe illustrator with two strokes (done via the appearance panel in Ai). http://codepen.io/pauljohnknight/pen/xOPvAQ I want to play around with animating the outer stroke and inner letter – what is the best way to do this with Greensock? I’ve hit a bit of a wall (I am comfortable using tweens and timelines using GSAP, but up until now I have done so on divs / text / DOM elements etc). In the CodePen example above I’ve put a simple tween on the letter m, but can’t seem to work out from googling how to target the stroke on a multi-stroke svg (say, for a color or opacity animation). Any help would be awesome. Paul. P.S When I tweak the inline SVG code it lets me manually change the outer-stroke for the letter a, but not for other letters which is also confusing me? When I check the Ai file every letter is stacked correctly on individual layers etc and without any excess sub-layers.
  2. Hello, I just figured out that I can save an illustrator file with live text as an svg image with an embedded font! It seems to work in all browsers that support svg. This seems a great way to have the text pixel perfect without having to use a static image (png24). My next thought was to use SplitText, since svg is a dom element with tags and so on. But it's not supported. ;..( I know "it's a different beast", but at the end of the day it's also just text. Sentences, words, individual letters... Are there plan to supports svg text with SplitText? If not, how would I animate svg text and individual letters otherwise?
  3. Hi GSAP Friends, Question/Observation/Bug: Working on a DrawSVG animation and was having some huge performance issues on iOS mobile. It turns out that adding a size directly to the SVG element was causing the issue (adding a size to a div wrapper helped eliminate the issue). Size on SVG pen (awful on iOS): http://codepen.io/ryan_labar/pen/wWqGZk Size on div wrapper pen (much better on iOS): http://codepen.io/ryan_labar/pen/mErPEK Any reason for this issue (am I doing something wrong)? Not needing to wrap an SVG in a div would really be idea. Is it a GSAP bug, or the fault of the browser (or both)? Thanks! **UPDATE** even with the div wrapper, performance isn't great on mobile, what should I do? From my understanding, resizing my SVG's viewbox/internals may help, but IDK if that will eliminate the problem, it's not exactly a huge svg file--size or otherwise
  4. First of all, Sorry if I'm spamming this forum by showcasing my side project. Admins, please delete my post if it's not the right place. I'm not a pro in making tween and after completing this side project, I have seen huge scope of improvements. I'm still learning and GS forum has helped me a lot during the making of this tween. This short animation is dedicated to my daughter because she just love this FoxLife SoundTrek TVC I'm open to any suggestion and improvements. Thanks to all in this forum who helped me in making this. Please enjoy this or kindly ignore.
  5. Hi there, I'd like to tween a property of an SVG clipPath, or possible just the position / rotation of the path. For instance, can I tween the 'M 199.6' value in bold below? Or can I tween the rotation / position of 'Layer_STROKES' ? Thanks in advance as always. <!-- /////////////////////// SVG ////////////////////////// --> <svg height="0" width="0"> <defs> <clipPath id="svgPath"> <path id="Layer_STROKES" stroke="#CCCCCC" stroke-width="1" stroke-linejoin="round" stroke-linecap="round" fill="none" d=" M 199.6 120 L 199.5 119.5 201.325 120 M 71.8 90.5 L 289.95 150 109.95 270 70.05 90.5"/> </clipPath> </defs> </svg>
  6. Hi - pleasure to meet you all. My first post but have been getting to know GS over the past few weeks and love it. However now I'm getting stuck. I've been trying to figure out how to make responsive SVG timelines - i.e. set SVG timeline "keyframes" in % such that (e.g.) left:100% will always be at screen right, regardless of screen size. Worked my way through your trail here (http://greensock.com/forums/tags/forums/responsive/) but I'm missing something. As a newbie I'm finding some of the examples a little too confusing to work out so I've created an example of what i'm trying to understand .... I'd like to substitute the X & Y values in the codepen for % along the lines of tl.to(cssCircle, 1, {left:100%}) .to(cssCircle, 1, {top:100%}) .to(cssCircle, 1, {left:0}) .to(cssCircle, 1, {top:0}); Many thanks
  7. Hello, I have a task to animate an SVG (simplified map of a city), where road signs are part of the presentation. Everything goes quite smoothly with GreenSock (drawing SVG lines, rotating the whole image, etc.), but I cannot get the last part to work as intended: the small signs should always face the screen (the camera), while the whole SVG rotates in 3D, and the signs follow the path set by the parent rotation (and other tweens). Something like this image: My idea was to rotate them in the exact opposite direction as their parent goes (and the animation should last the same amount of time), but this does not work (except for the Z axis, where it does what is planned). The codepen has the full SVG (it's quite large), the JS code that I tried to use (and some CSS only so the image can be seen). Has anybody any idea how to achieve this effect? (Or is it possible at all with CSS / GreenSock animation? Thank you in advance, Gergő
  8. Meds86

    SVG line animation

    I'm new to SVG's and trying to get this to animate. I thought something like this would work TweenLite.fromTo('.path', 1, {drawSVG: "0%"}, {drawSVG: "100%"}); but unfortunately no. http://codepen.io/Meds/pen/grWOXW I would like to line animate this logo, any troubleshooting guidance would be appreciated.
  9. Hello everyone, I've created a tweenmax that alters a clip-path from an external svg file. While it does seem to work, there is a problem with the rendering as you'll see in the attached pic. Once I hover over the div with the cursor then it changes immediately to the correct clip-path. What could be the issue here? EDIT I attached the screenshot
  10. Thought I'd share a couple of CodePen's that might help someone. I was charged with coming up with something that would allow a user to dynamically load an SVG into a container and then draw it using drawSVG. (Our organization got the Business Green membership so we wanted to get all the goodie we could get out of it!) As you know, not all SVGs are alike and we didn't have the convenience of being able to go into every SVG and add class names. So, first I needed something that would snag an svg file in an img tag and replace it with the inline version. I decided to use this (won't go into the process of doing that but it works): https://www.npmjs.com/package/inline-svg Then I needed a script that would parse through the lines, paths, etc to see what was there and draw the SVG. I wrote a really quick function that will do that and added a couple of bonus functions (center on the screen and shake) for good measure. Hope that helps someone who might have the same issues at least get started.
  11. Hi all, I have svg with couple of rectangles and I would like to scale them randomly while hovering with respect to the svg origin. At the same time I would them to rotate individually around their axis. The problem is that either transform origin gets overwritten by svg origin or vice versa. See the pen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RRowRx. The rotation is commented out. Thanks a lot for any suggestions!
  12. Hello! To be able to animate masks, I started using svg. My goal was to keep it really simple and also have support for all browsers (incl. mobile) and IE10+. I found this site, which described a way to achieve what I want in a perfect way: https://thewebstorebyg.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/cross-browser-svg-masking-supports-ie8-ie9-ie10-firefox-chrome/ Based on that info, and a post on this forum recommending to use the AttrPlugin to be more cross browser compatible, I've created this: http://codepen.io/treemok/pen/gMpaVX?editors=1010 While it works great in all browsers, I'm running into some issues: 1. I'm getting an error TweenMax.min.js:16 Error: <image> attribute y: Expected length, "null" TweenMax.min.js:16 Error: <image> attribute x: Expected length, "null" 2. I'm not able to use "scale" at all or independently change "width", or "height" properly. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  13. Hi GSAP brothers, Thanks to Draggable, I can make a svg draggable within the bounderies of its frame. That is to say, if I use : img id="SVGmap" src="map.svg”. But when I use javascript to get inside the svg to control some elements, I get an error. If I use: object id="SVGmap" data="map.svg" type="image/svg+xml”, the javascript to control from outside works, but I cannot drag the svg anymore. I made a codepen: http://codepen.io/jaswa/pen/NrNorL Unfortunately the javascript does not work with an absolute link as I have to use here( why not?), but when the svg is on the same server, it works… Does anybody know how to drag AND control the svg from the outside? Thanks in advance for your answer! jaswa
  14. Trying to learn animating along a path with Greensock. I got the animation working, but I can't seem to get rid of the white background. In the codepen, you can see there is supposed to be a green background (bg) in the html file. But a white background, that seems to be within the <SVG> tag is blocking it. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is MorphSVGPlugIn causing this? Thanks.
  15. I wonder if anyone else got this error on Firefox... NS_ERROR_FAILURE ColorWheel Bug It seems to be a combo of TweenMax and SVG in Firefox in Mac and Windows. Chrome looks correct. There should be two color wheels on the bottom of the screen. Pressing and releasing them should select colors.
  16. I have a path for my animation. This path is Bezier curve which can be plotted by arbitrary number of points: bezier:{ curviness:1.25, values:[ {x:100, y:250}, {x:300, y:0}, /* ... N more points ... */ {x:500, y:400}, {x:200, y:100} ] } I want depict this path with SVG <path/> element. Path element uses M, C, Q, T and other parameters for plotting curve, for example: <path d="M100,200 C100,100 250,100 250,200 S400,300 400,200" /> How can I convert my points to the terms of parameters used in SVG path?
  17. Hi, I'm creating a simple polygon svg shape, and using it to mask an image using the clip-path:url(#id) method. I'm then trying to animate this using GSAP. This works fine, except in FireFox, where no animation occurs. This can be viewed at this codepen: http://codepen.io/rorytawn/pen/OVeWNB. All I'm trying to animate is simple 2D transforms like x and scale. I know FireFox has some issues with clip-path, so I tried animating the same shape, when it is not used as a mask, and that works fine in FireFox. So the issue is something to do with animating the svg when it is assigned to clip-path. I tried another example using GSAPs AttrPlugin, which does work in all browsers including FireFox. Codepen here: http://codepen.io/rorytawn/pen/MwMbVx. But as far as I'm aware, this won't allow me to animate using css features, rotation, skew etc. If anyone can please point me in the right direction to get the first example to work in FireFox it would be much appreciated! Many thanks!
  18. Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to scale a circle within a SVG clipping mask, while keeping the mask static. Currently, the clipping path seems to scale along with the shape. Here's an example: http://codepen.io/ohem/pen/RaOZPa Based on my searches, it seems like the AttrPlugin could help, but I don’t seem to be able to implement it: http://codepen.io/ohem/pen/XdQabo Any suggestions as to how to implement this would be much appreciated.
  19. I have some SVG that resides directly inside my HTML (no object/img are used). I use jQuery and GSAP for the animation, which works fine. That is, until I load the animation from a URL different from the site root URL. In which case only part of the animation works (??). Works: http://www.brigaid.nl/staging/grahamskitchen/ Does not work: Works: http://www.brigaid.nl/staging/grahamskitchen/menu-wijn/ (Latest Chrome, Firefox) I'm sorry I can't be more elaborate about this, because it has me completely stumped. It almost seems like a 'same origin' issue, but I really can't see how that is the case. The SVG is directly embedded and everything is loaded from the same base URL from a remote web server. Please note that I cannot create a pen for this, because the problem seems to be directly related to this specific setup. Hoping for some bright insights!
  20. I'm loading my SVG files into different elements on my website. I'm trying to animate it with TimelineMax and it's didn't animated. I think it's because SVGs loaded dynamically and TweenMax didn't see them. How to animate them with TweenMax?
  21. hi, i have made in this draggable rotating Throwprops star test file in the codepen. i wonder if it is possible to put a star shaped graphic (a PNG with transparent background) overtop of the star shape while maintaining the star as the SVG trigger element.
  22. squxd

    SVG Hovers Cont. -

    Hey all - As you may or may not have seen my previous post, this one has a few different issues I was unsure of how to fix. I am pretty satisfied at this point. The only other things I was struggling with were... 1) When hovering over the "U" or "D" to highlight the other svg's (U-X-D) blue. I was using the ':not' some in $(".blue-uxd:not(#diamond)").hover(function(){ joinButton.hide(); uxdButton.show(); 2) This line works but there are still some issues where the diamond does not return to a full 100% and stops mid-hover. And when animating back up it still fades quickly from black to blue. Could I use a switch or something that only activates if the diamond reaches the top/floating step? TweenLite.from("#diamond", 1, {fill:"#00bbd3", progress:0}) 3) And when I hover over the "X/A" the " join button fades out and the "What are you waiting for?" fades in right after... $("#xa-flip").hover(function(){ button.hide(); uxdButton.hide(); joinButton.hide(); hiddenButton.hide(); joinButtonActive.show() TweenMax.to("#joinButtonActive", 6, {delay: 2, autoAlpha:0}); TweenMax.staggerFrom("#hiddenButton", 2, {autoAlpha:0}); joinButtonActive.hide(); hiddenButton.show(); }, function(){ joinButtonActive.hide(); hiddenButton.hide(); button.show(); joinButton.show(); }); thank you very much, nick
  23. squxd

    SVG Hover Animation

    1st post and it's a little rough... - I've been trying to create some hover animations on an SVG lately. Take a look at the codepen link (hover on x) to see where I'm at... My goal is to hover on the "X" and have the "A" flip/rotateY(180deg) to reveal. And when the mouse is off, have the "X" flip back. I will also mention/ask for further help having the diamond animate up and then back down relating directly to the hover of the "X". notes: - I know the "X" and "A" svg <path d=> are what is causing the width to be so far apart on rotation. This is to have the "X" in the correct placement within the file. (I have tried 'cropping' the SVG of "X" and "A" but the position/location is off. Question: - can I set a rotation orgin point manually? or do you think I should even be using more JS/GSAP to accomplish these effects? *There are actually even more interactions I have thought up - however they can wait until this problem is resolved, Thanks for ANY & ALL help! (I haven't found many examples of SVG hover animations)
  24. Hello.. GreenSocked friends.. I just wanted to share this PEN CSS Mask / SVG Shape / GSAP / morphSVG http://codepen.io/HaunGO/full/ONYwBP/ Enoy
  25. I am trying to animate a rotating SVG, but I have two issues: on mouseEnter sometimes the animation "jumps" when I try to mouseEnter/mouseLeave several times, the animation get slower/faster and sometimes it stops completely I am not sure if this issue is due to the fact that I am not using a timeline, but I cannot use it easily because I have a complex animation. Is there a solution without using a timeline?