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  1. Perhaps I'm implementing this wrong, but I'm having issue getting easing animations, such as Bounce, to actually...bounce! Instead, it just slides open. I'm probably implementing it wrong, so if anyone can help, that'd be greatly appreciated $(topArea).animate( { top: "-40px" }, 250, "bounceInOut" );
  2. What is the most reliable and efficient way to detect if EasePack JS file was already loaded elsewhere on the page and is available (in an effort to prevent loading it again)? [EDIT: also, detecting if the various plugins were loaded too would be helpful]
  3. Hi all, In previous versions of GSAP you have the OutIn easing equations, such as BounceOutIn. In GSAP v12 however, I can't find these. Even in the main class Bounce, I have only spotted 3 variants of the ease : out, in, and inOut. Where's the OutIn versions of each ease? Do you have to use InOut as OutIn by reversing it in some way? Am I missing something here? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I recently stumbled upon MoveThis, another tweening engine. If you scroll down to the Gears demo, you'll see demos of Arch and Reverse, probably 2 tween easing equations. (I can't figure if they are just different names for existing Penner equations, although they are signed by "Todd Williams" aka taterboy) Would adding these eases into TweenLite be of any use? Unless they are already added. Also, MoveThis has a nice "easingStrength" parameter that apparently controls the amount of ease applied. Does TL have anything like that? Would it be a useful addition? Thanks
  5. I have a 30sec Linear.easeNone tween happening but I want only the last 2 seconds to Sine.easeOut. Is this possible?
  6. HI, I am currently creating a little Flash IDE animation exporter which exports a timeline animation using JSFL. Part of what i am exporting is the custom ease curve that you get in the IDE. Here is an example of what it spits out: [{ x:0.00000, y:0.00000 },{ x:0.33333, y:0.00000 },{ x:0.66667, y:0.33333 },{ x:1.00000, y:1.00000 }] What i am trying to do it convert this curve into a CustomEase. This is what i am currently doing: 1. First put all the x values into an array and another for the y. ( points.x and points.y ) while( i < points.length ) { bezierPoints.x.push( points[i].x ); bezierPoints.y.push( points[i].y ); i ++; } 2. Use BezierPlugin.parseBeziers( points, true ) var parsedBezierPoints:Object = BezierPlugin.parseBeziers( bezierPoints, true ); 3. Pull out the y values from parsedBezierPoints and put them into an object of s, cp, and e var yPoints:Array = parsedBezierPoints:Object.y var data:Array = [] var i:int = 0; while ( i < $points.length ) { data[i] = { s:yPoints[i][0], cp:yPoints[i][1], e:yPoints[i][2] }; i++ } example trace: [{"e":0,"s":0,"cp":-0.08325},{"e":0.333,"s":0,"cp":0},{"e":1,"s":0.333,"cp":0}] 4. Create the custom ease using the new data CustomEase.create( "DIGEase", data ); For some reason i keep getting a gitter and not a smooth ease on the animation. Can anyone see if im doing something wrong or point me in a right direction. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello. I'm looking for some direction in finding code that will pivot text in 3D with easing and blur/fade text with an alpha setting. I've attached an SWF file that gives the idea for what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. Tim Test.zip