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  1. Check out the Codepen and you'll notice that you're able to drag the octopus to the left a bit before the bounds stop you from going further. You can't go to the right at all. After you let go, you'd expect to be able to drag it to the right (back to where it started), but it seems as though the bounds reset based on the image's relative position. When you drag it, you can't go to the right, but you can go further to the left than you originally could. Thanks for your help!
  2. nexie

    drag and emitter...

    Hello, This is what i want to achieve: the user should tap the object, and on drag, the behind object should emit some particles (let's say 25) and after emmision to load another canvas over it. How doable is it? Can you point me in the right direction on what do i need to use? I will add a codepen as soon i get pointed into some direction on what libraries should i use or if you have any examples i can inspire from, even better! Nexie
  3. Hi, I have two questions, i've already some kinds of solutions, but I would to know if you have some ideas about it : first, I would to know if I can easily combine drag and bezier : I mean, drag an object along a bezier curve using drag & bezier plugins? My current idea is to create a timeline with my object animated along the curve, stop this animation, and control the timeline with a simple horyzontal drag in the bounds box of the curve. Do you see what I mean ? Then, I would to be able to draw the curve ( dotted.. but it's another problem ), do you have any ideas of how I can convert my bezier coordinates to use canvas's method quadraticCurveTo() for example ? Let me know if you have any suggestions, advices.. Thanks !
  4. The ThrowPropsPlugin API page contained an example of using it for scrolling a page vertically, and the throw props web page contained an example for doing horizontal panel transitions that animate entire panel movements right and left. Both of these work extremely well. But when I combine them, I run into problems that both of them are acting on mouse up and mouse down events, which means neither is working as intended. Add some interactive objects to the scrolling page, and it only gets more complicated. I think the solution is to write a singleton class that interprets mouse down, mouse move and mouse up events on the stage and infers user intent so that is can dispatch an event to either the scroller, or the panel slider, or the interactive object in the scroller viewport. My past experience with mouse events is limited to listening for clicks. So, if there is any example code that would point me in the right direction, I would be very happy to know about it.
  5. Hi guys, I just tried the ThrowPropsPlugin to move a MovieClip in x-direction instead of y-direction like in the example. I took the code from the example and changed every y-value to an x-value. However, it doesn't seem to work smoothly. The drag-movement is somewhat stuttered. Strangely enough, the drag-movement where the position exceeds the bounds runs smoothly. I've attached a minimal working example, maybe someone can have a look and tell me where the code goes wrong. For some reason I'm not allowed to attach any file, so I'll just upload to my Dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/289091/ThrowPropsPluginTest.fla
  6. Here's my dragdrop code: sym.$('card2').draggable({opacity:.5,revert:'invalid'}); sym.$('droptarget2').droppable({ accept:sym.$("card2"), drop: function() { sym.getSymbol("card2").play(); sym.getSymbol("droptarget2").play(); } } ); I want to have 2 different actions happen depending on the filename. ie. if (droppedfilename=="qs.png") { // accept and fade out } else { // don't accept } How do I detect the filename of the dropped image.
  7. Hi All, I have a site where I have a horizontally styles un-ordered list (<ul>), my site dynamically adds items to the list based on user interactions. For each new item in the list, I have applied a Draggable.create call to make them draggable in the Y axis (vertical), I also apply an animation Tween on the item so it bounces into place. This all works fine! Im using this code for that: //add to the UL $(".cardList").prepend(newDiv); //animate the card into place TweenLite.from(newDiv, 0.5, { y: -250, ease: Elastic.easeOut }); Draggable.create(newDiv, { type: "y", onDrag: function () { //my code... }, onDragEnd: function () { //my code... } }); However, when there are a lot of items in the list, I would like to scroll the list horizontally, so I wrapped up my list into a DIV container and called: var scroller = new Draggable("#cardsContainer", { type: "scrollLeft", edgeResistance: 1.0 }); ...which 'kind of' works. I currently have 2 issues: 1) I can add a new item into the list and I can see that the scrollbar on the scroller increases, but from time to time, the scroller "snaps back" prematurely, so effectively you can never scroll to the end of the list. It simply stops scrolling, it looks like the animation I am using to add the new items to the list could have some effect on the calculation of the width of the scroller? 2) When I click and drag the scroller (when it does work), the items in the list which can scroll vertically move slightly up/down, can I have some kind of check to see if the user is scrolling left/right and NOT enable the vertical scroller based on some threshold? I hope that makes sense
  8. Hi there, New to forums in general but here goes. Would it be possible to create a Playerhead or scrubber that followed a pre-set path? For instance could you drag an MC along a curved line that also controlled the playback of an animation instead of a traditional horizontal playhead? Thanks!
  9. I'm working on a project, using the TransformManager, and I need to fiddle with the pixel tolerance, for triggering the drag-function on a line on the bounding rectangle. Is there a function for this, like the: paddingForRotation(value:Number):void ?? I have been over the docs a few times, and can't seem to find a call to do this.
  10. jeff4gee

    Drag and Drop

    I am trying to setup an animation with GSJS that allows to drag one div item over another and fires a function either on over the target object or release of draggable object on top of landing target. Thanks for your help!