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  1. I have a dial I wish to retrieve the rotation value from after a submit button is clicked. A user can rotate the dial and upon clicking the button the dial should animate to the update position and the percentage value use the calculateAngle. I've tried retrieving all manner of properties from the Spinner object itself and the tweenlite object but I can't get a dynamic value, always returns the end rotation value but I want it to poll the rotation in the same way that the percentage value updates when you directly interact with the dial. The reason I want the value to animate is I wish to re-use the animated value to animate a pie chart type fill which will be overlaid on top of the dial.
  2. New to Gsap, I have been looking forever for way to loop to specific time or label. My example is not a slider, there will be animations between each background fade, I removed absolute position on .slide for the sake of testing. When the animation first loads it will fade in from nothing, but it can not do this when it loops around again it should start from lets say 5 seconds in. Not sure exactly how to go about doing this. Create two timelines, with the opening fade, then trigger the next timeline on complete then loop. In my days of flash there was a gotoAndPlay(frame); Please forgive my lack or understanding, am sure its something simple. Just like to know the best approach. Many thanks.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help: I'm using the scrollTo plugin and I need a callback that will fire if the Tween is interrupted by the user manually scrolling. Does functionality like this exist or is it possible to create it? Thanks, Will
  4. From my code the red cube div suppose to animate its height to 0 first before adding the new div class. but right now the problem is that both of them seem to trigger at the same time. I have tried using callback function but still doesnt work. How do you ensure the animation is complete before adding the class? Here is my code: http://codepen.io/vincentccw/pen/yeqzD
  5. I am trying to get the id/class from the animated div in the callback-function. What information does the callback-event contain? Is is the tween or is it possible to get information about the animated object the tween is using (in my case a div)? Thanks in advanced!
  6. I'm I doing something wrong here ? If paused is true, the callback fire, but not if I use paused and play. At first I didn't set second play parameter to false, but even with .play(0.5,false) callback doesn't fire. Thanks for help. function test(){ console.log('done'); } var animContPress = TweenMax.to($("#contpress"), 1, {left:'0',ease:Power2.easeInOut,onComplete:test,paused:true, suppressEvents:false}); animContPress.play(0.5,false);
  7. I want to run a function after the end of my animation but the callback function doesn't seem to be working? these are my code: $("body,html").animate({scrollTop: $(".slide2").offset().top}, {duration:2000, easing:"Back.easeInOut"}) .delay(2000).animate({scrollTop: $(".slide3").offset().top}, {duration:2000, easing:"Back.easeInOut"}) .delay(2000).animate({scrollTop: $(".slide4").offset().top}, {duration:2000, easing:"Power4.easeInOut"}) .delay(2000).animate({scrollTop: $("#mainContainer").offset().top}, {duration:2000, ease:"Power2.easeInOut", onComplete:completeHandler }); function completeHandler(){ $(".slide1").unmousewheel(); alert(callback); console.log("callback"); }
  8. Hello there again! I use TweenMax.set() to set properties like opacity and transform(x,y,rotate,scale(x,y)) for IE6-8, and it works like charm, everything is perfect! But I have one issues, which I don't know how to solve. The life cycle of my page: Set DOM values via MVC engine Wait until $(window).load() and then fadeIn() page Problem is TweenMax.set() executes on slow computers after load is complete and then user needs to wait like 2-3 seconds until element by element is positioned for him. Basically it look like mess. What I would want is to know when TweenMax actually sets the values and after that I show content to the user. Is it possible, has anyone ever had this problem? Sincerely, Masq
  9. Hi. I declare var cacTimeline; as global variable. I then use it like this in function1 for example : function1 () { cacTimeline = new TimelineMax(); cacTimeline.to($linePath,0.5,{height:300}); ...... } I then want to reverse it in function2 and have a onReverseComplete or some callback at the end. But for the sake of my app , I have to append this callback in function2 , not in the object declaration. function2 () { cacTimeline.addCallback(callback_function_name,0); cacTimeline.reverse(); } Fires the callback_function_name twice. One at the start of the tween , one at the end of the sequence. function2 () { cacTimeline.addCallback(callback_function_name,cacTimeline.totalDuration()); cacTimeline.reverse(); } callback_function_name never fires. Can anyone help me. I'm new to this , maybe there is a better solution for this.
  10. I'm writing an app thatdoes a zoom in and out around a point. To do this I registered a callback function that does a matrix transform. Everything is working great except for the fact that the cllback is called an inconsistent number of times. For a 1 second duration at 24 frames per second the function is called between 23-25 times. Is this a bug or should I be doing something different? I would think the number of times the callback is called would be equal to duration * frameRate. Below is the call I am using: TweenLite.to(target, this.duration, {ease:Elastic.easeOut , onUpdate:MotionUtil.zoomOut, onUpdateParams:[ target, scaleIncrement, _origin, _originalScale ], onComplete:onComplete }); Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.