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  1. Hi , I'm Not well English... sorry , I'm Using TweenMax.js 1.8.0 used to exmaple : function clickAAA() { TweenMax.to(aaa, 0.75, {y:0, onUpdate:test1, onComplete:test2}); } Well Working Any Device , OS... but Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Android 4.1.1) , Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ( Android 4.1.2 ) , and I'm not have Other Device ) No Working... Where : Original Browser When: [ Browser - Tab 1] Loading page and tween max Method click -> Well Done! Go More Tab [ Broswer - Tab2 - other page ] And Return [ Broswer - Tab1] and click -> Not Working! i think not working ticker i'm tested 'https://www.greensock.com/get-started-js/' , has same problem. this problem to cause Device? please help and advice, Thanks you
  2. I'll spare the kudos for now, but seriously, you guys rock! I think there is an issue/bug with Android and rotation. But there is an exception which is baffling me... TweenMax.min.js version: beta 1.33 (also tried 1.29) Motorola Atrix - Android 2.3.6 Droid 2 - Not sure what version Android You can view the issue using examples in the Greensock JS zip file... greensock-v12-js/examples/falling_text.html - The letters do not rotate on Android (two devices) greensock-v12-js/examples/super_basic_syntax.html - Near the end, the divs should rotate. Doesn't work on Android. I even set up a bare bones example and it didn't work. However, The Snorkl.tv Peacock example does work. I tried copying his code and TweenMax (1.29) but it doesn't work for me. It only works on his site??? Really strange but thought you should know. Let me know if I can help troubleshoot this any further. Thanks!
  3. eOne

    > PhoneGap > Android

    Hi ppl, first of all, great work greensock! As soon as I've heard it about, I've switched my current project I am working on, from jquery animations to tweenlite. Of course, everything is working fine while testing in browsers, but when compiled in Eclipse and tested in emulator device things started to get weird. I get sliding, alpha works, but not in all situations, and rotation doesn't work at all. Is minified version supposed to work ok with PhoneGap and be ported to mobiles ?