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  1. No worries, i kinda answered my own question by the end, yer it does seem like a hardware issue/probably a glitch in adobes compiler for iphone. I might switch to using AutoFitArea to do the masking and just load the image then apply a mask/crop. This worked before but i switched to doing it at loading as it seemed more efficient. Would like to post the code but cant for client reasons thank you all the same!
  2. Also just noticed it doesn't do it when i use cpu mode but does when i use gpu on the iphone?? Bizarre..
  3. Here's an image showing whats happening...
  4. Hi guys, has anyone else had this problem or know of why it might be happening? Im building a simple recipe app for a client of ours and using loadermax to load the xml and images etc, its going to be on android and iphone. i'm loading my images like this, into a cropped area: queue.append( new ImageLoader(imagePath+imageURL, {name:elementID, estimatedBytes:40000, container:listElementContainer, alpha:1, height:300, width:640, scaleMode:"proportionalOutside", crop:"true"}) ); Then after everythings finished loading im using blitmask and making the page scrollable: pageScroll = new BlitMask(scrollPageTarget, bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, true, true, 0xffffff, false); (using the throwplugin etc) Basically my problem is it all works fine on a pc or mac but when exporting to the phone the loadermax crop appears to work until you finish scrolling and i disable blitmask (to make the links to the recipes clickable again) and it seems to disable all the cropped images and show them in full again, then when scrolling again it enables blitmask and it all looks perfect again then when u stop boom all the images are back full again. Anyone encounters any bugs like this before when using loadermax and blitmask? thanks for any help, not sure what else to post so please ask questions and i'll do my best to answer. chur ed