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  1. Thank you so much for such a quick reply! I asked this question here as I had created the swf movie using tweenlite and timelinelite, and hoped your awesome platform may have a solution for such a requirement! Thanks also for redirecting me to a possible solution. I'll check that out. Best regards, Abk
  2. Warm greetings! I've an swf movie embedded in an html page. The page has a button which when clicked, opens a modal window. I wanted to know, whether it's possible to pause the swf movie which is being played in the background, when this html button is clicked and resume play when the modal window is closed. Eagerly awaiting comments, Thanks in advance and best regards, Abk
  3. Hi Carl, Sorry for delayed reply. I was trying to debug this on my own.(Better way to learn I think)... I finally added this line addChild(myVar); after var myVar:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("picname"); And links are now working as expected. No. Had it been so, links would not have worked in loop play. As regards to second issue, I guess the issue is probably in connectivity. With problems in, bandwidth and speed, movies start playing upon page refresh. Thanks a lot for your quick help...Much appreciated! Best regards, Abk
  4. Hey Carl...many many thanks for your kind words and a prompt help on the matter. I tried the advanced code as it's way too efficient. It's working but with two issues. There are in all 5 sequences in my movie each being called in a separate function. Each seq. contains 6 images each. I've used a loadermax to load all these images. onComplete function on loadermax calls first function. onComplete event on the last tween of each function calls next function and the last function's last tween calls first function to keep the movie looping. I added EventListener on one image in each function. When the movie gets loaded first time, the mouse-click action works only when movie reaches the last function towards the end of the movie. Then on-wards, it works every-time in loop play. Each of the pages being navigated to, also contain one animation seq. each All the animation seq., though have autoplay:true, do not start playing even the preloader shows 100% completion. They start playing only when the page is refreshed. I'm clueless as regards to 1. why the movies do not play unless the page is refreshed and 2. why the links in the first movie do not start working till the last function is called. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks in advance, abk.
  5. Warm greetings! I'm a newbie...so please forgive me for my ignorance. I'm trying to learn! I'm using loadermax to load multiple images, adding these images to TimeineLight and tweening them using TweenLite to create an animation sequence. The sequence will be used in a web page. I want to make some of these images, after they are added to the timeline, clickable. This is the code var myVar:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("picname"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(myVar, 1, {alpha:1, y:15, ease:Bounce.easeInOut)); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(another Pic, 1, {alpha:1})); I want myVar to be clickable and on clicking the user should be navigated to another page. How can I do this? All help on the matter is highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. abk
  6. Apologies for an extremely delayed rely. The issue is sorted out and the animation is working now as expected. Thanks a lot for the help!
  7. Thank you Carl...My sincerest thanks for your such prompt replies! Well, I want two images to appear while the movie is playing in the same container along side the movie and stay there till the end of the movie( which means 5 seconds). Then I want all these three elements to fade out and new three elements to appear on the stage. I thought this line should make it work where the final element of these three is fading out after a delay of 5 seconds. What I don't understand is, why the movie fades out immediately upon appearing on the stage? Even if I tween in the second image after a delay of 5 seconds, the movie fades out immediately after a brief display on stage, the stage remains blank for 5 seconds and then the second image appears. What am I doing wrong? Eagerly awaiting comments... Many thanks in advance, abk
  8. Hello, I'm trying to build one animation sequence using LoaderMax, TimelineMax and TweenLite. The LoaderMax loads an external swf, a couple of images and one mp3 file. The animation sequence is supposed to play the loaded swf, which containes 5 seconds long animation, in left part of the container, simultaneously, one image gets displayed adjacent to the movie being played and another object gets displayed right next to this image. Everything fades out after 5 seconds and newer images get displayed in the container. All other things are working fine except the loaded swf playing part. The swf gets briefly displayed for a fraction of a second and fades out. I need this external swf to be visible till its entire animation gets complete(which is of 5 seconds) and simultaneously other Timeline animations also get executed. Can't figure out how to make this work the way I want. Any help on the matter is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, abk
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    Thanks so much!
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    Hi, I'm using LinePath2D for an animation sequence. The path extends beyond the frame and so on 'progress:1' the elements go out of the frame. I want this animation to loop and so need to take the elements back to 'progrss:0' position. But while going back I want the elemnets to be invisible. I've used 'visible:false' and also 'alpha:0'. But the elements are still visible when they animate back to 'progress:0' position. What should I do to make them invisible during their transit to the starting position of the path? Thanks in advance, abk
  11. Thanks a lot Carl ... I revised the code and it's working properly now..Your prompt help on the matter is much appreciated! Best regards, abk
  12. Hi Carl, PFA the files and pl. let me know what's making the progress bar display twice. Thanks in advance, abk.
  13. Thanks....but could you please comment on why the progress bar is being displayed twice? It gets displayed once for the main movie and a small tween placed before the first LoaderMax instance gets played immediately once that progress is complete and another progressbar is displayed in the area where all the Loadermax instances to load multiple images which are then tweened in succession are to be displayed. Thanks in advance, abk
  14. Hi, Thanks for a quick reply. I added "LoaderMax.defaultAuditSize = false;" to the code as well as estimatedBytes for each file being loaded and it's working now. I've one more issue to deal with. I have a preloader fla which loads this fla. This preloader code and a sample loadermax code is pasted below. What happens is the progress bar gets displayed twice ... once for the main movie and a small tween placed before the first LoaderMax instance gets played immediately once that progress is complete and another progressbar is displayed in the area where the Loadermax code to load multiple images which are then tweened in succession is to be displayed. I'm unable to figure out how to make the movie play only when everything is downloaded. Your comments/help on the matter is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, abk preloader code var movClip:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({onProgress:progressHandler,onComplete:completeHandler,onError:errorHandler}); movClip.append(new SWFLoader("test.swf", { name:"test", container:this, x:0, y:0, width:900, height:350, requireWithRoot:this.root, estimatedBytes:30600})); movClip.load(); function progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { bar_mc.scaleX = event.target.progress; loadingTxt.text = Math.round(event.target.progress*100) +"%"; } function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { removeChild(bar_mc); removeChild(loadingTxt); } LoaderMax instance code var q:LoaderMax; q = new LoaderMax({name:"a_q",onComplete:a_complete, requireWithRoot:this.root, skipFailed:true, maxConnections:4}); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/advt.png",{name:"adCap",x:10, y:-.500, container:this, alpha:0, width:250, height:200, estimatedBytes:8500})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a1.jpg",{name:"a1",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:28300})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a2.jpg",{name:"a2",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:15000})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a3.jpg",{name:"a3",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:16000})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a4.jpg",{name:"a4",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:21400})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a5.jpg",{name:"a5",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:15400})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a6.jpg",{name:"a6",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:13100})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a7.jpg",{name:"a7",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:27700})); q.append(new ImageLoader("img/a8.jpg",{name:"a8",x:289, y:31, container:this, alpha:0, width:294, height:288, estimatedBytes:23800})); q.load(); function a_complete(event:LoaderEvent):void { var a_cap:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("aCap"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(a_cap, .5, {alpha:1, y:10, ease:Bounce.easeInOut})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(bg, .5, {alpha:1, overwrite:false})); var pic1:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a1"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic1, .5, {alpha:1}),-.5); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic1, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic2:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a2"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic2, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic2, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic3:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a3"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic3, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic3, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic4:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a4"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic4, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic4, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic5:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a5"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic5, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic5, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic6:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a6"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic6, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic6, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic7:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a7"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic7, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic7, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),1); var pic8:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("a8"); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic8, .5, {alpha:1})); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(pic8, .5, {alpha:0, y:650, overwrite:false}),1); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(bg, .5, {alpha:0, overwrite:false}),-1); main_tl.append(TweenLite.to(a_cap, .5, {alpha:0, y:-300, ease:Strong.easeOut, overwrite:false, onComplete:nxtFr}),-.5); }
  15. Hello, I have a multi-frame fla file ...each frame has Loadermax code to load multiple images which are then tweened in succession. Upon completion of last tween, a function is called which calls nextFrame() function and advances the file to next frame's loadermax code. Sometimes I get an error - Error opening URL 'http://www.xyz.net/img/a8.jpg?gsCacheBusterID=1329993278977&purpose=audit' - and the swf stops there itself. I read in documents that each Loademax instance has skipFailed:true by default. Does this work in case of Auditing file size as well? What can I do to resolve the issue? Many thanks in advance, abk