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  1. Hi, i am curently working on a project witch should be bulletproof for 8h + of operation time. therefore i am looking for a safe method to check for and kill / clear / delete unused TimeLineMax and TweenMax. The Project ist Constantly adding and removing childs to the stage an deeply nestet movieclips and adding TLMaxs and or Tweens to it. Question: Are TLMAXs and TweenMaxs destroying itself and removing itself COMPLETELY if the MC it was Attached to, gets removed from stage OR do i have to do this manually. In case they're NOT destroying themselfs: what can i do? i bet theres a nice and easy way to handle every greensock thing on stage ever put into existence, Thanks in advance, David
  2. thank you for your reply. i will check out if this is what i was looking for, tomorrow! i don't have time today. thanks a lot. *EDIT Are all these mp3s located inside your swf? this is important
  3. yeah i know, thanks for your reply. the loadiing itself isnt the problem, its about the onprogress Event, duration, time, progress propertys witch i use in the program to monitor and dispatch certain actions. Working with these functions is very intuitive and practical. if i know have to embed everything i somehow have to rewrite all the functions. is there an equivalent to these very features, somehow, somewhere? thx.
  4. Hey There, i wonder if there is any way to use the MP3Loader Methods with Mp3 files that are imported in the .flas library. The admin wants a single .swf rather than over a hundret files. its such a shame, because it realy works well. i tried to, but it didnt work. maybe im doing it wrong, or maybe its just not meant to be. It would be very nice if you could help me out.
  5. I noticed that the Init event wasn't happening. i built it again from scratch and noticed, that i applied the onInit function to a LoaderMax instead of a SWFLoader... sad but true, this does the trick. now everything works like a charm. thank you, greensock!
  6. Your right. Im sorry, I'm a bit of a mess right now. i should watch my touch-typing.. your help is highly aprreciated! I love your platform, i just can't handle it... here we go: along another LoaderMax "queue", witch is responsible for Mp3 Loading, i have 4 SWFLoaders,: var unter:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("content/unternehmen.swf", {name:"unternehmen", container:this.contor, x:0, y:0, onProgress:progressFilm, onInit:filmInit}); var haupt:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("content/hauptfilm.swf", {name:"hauptfilm", container:this.contor, x:0, y:0, onProgress:progressFilm, onInit:filmInit}); var proz:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("content/prozess.swf", {name:"prozess", container:this.contor, x:0, y:0, onProgress:progressFilm, onInit:filmInit}); var mitA:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("content/mitarbeiter.swf", {name:"mitarbeiter", container:this.contor, x:0, y:0, onProgress:progressFilm, onInit:filmInit}); function filmInit(event:LoaderEvent):void { this.contor.alpha = 1; var Blenden:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); //Blenden.append(TweenMax.to(loadbar, .8, {y:ladePos2, alpha:0, ease:Expo.easeOut})); Blenden.append(TweenMax.from(event.target.content, 3, {alpha:0})); } i have a function that loads one of the SWFLoaders, triggered by buttons, to keep the reference to the current loader, i tried to use an Array named getMe var getMe:Array = new Array(); function filmLaden(targetFilm):void{ targetFilm.load(); getMe[0] = targetFilm; } function mitarbeiterLaden(e:MouseEvent):void{ filmLaden(mitA); } function hauptLaden(e:MouseEvent):void{ filmLaden(haupt); } function prozessLaden(e:MouseEvent):void{ filmLaden(proz); } function unternehmenLaden(e:MouseEvent):void{ filmLaden(unter); } this works, ok now the tricky part: all these sub loaded swfs contain timelineMax's witch trigger the parent movieclips "filmOut" function witch basicly should stop all sounds and unload the whole content of the movieClip: Code in Subloaded SWF: function itsOver():void{ MovieClip(parent.parent.parent).filmOut(); } /* ... */ var film:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({}); /* ... */ film.append(TweenMax.to(this , .01,{go:1, onComplete:itsOver})); Code in Parent SWF: [/code] function filmOut():void{ targetLoader.rawContent.film.stop(); //an array i keep references to the mp3loaders in the sub loaded swf, this works getMe[0].rawContent.playingSounds[0].soundPaused = true; //... getMe[0].unload(); } this dosent work at all, i wonder if it is a problem, that i start loading them with a button function. i got it to work somehow with the swfloader appended to a loadermax and then immediately started loading without waiting for a button event to be fired. of couse i didnt have to store any reference to the current loader anywhere, witch doesn't seem to work in this example anywhere, i wonder why, because it works beautifully with mp3loaders. the thing i want to achieve is, to be able to load all four films ( i could also load them all at once, if that doesn't slow down the performance) and then be able to RELOAD any of these four films from scratch, so that it starts all over again. thanks a lot
  7. now i messed up my code completely. this is really urgent. i don't know how to unload an SWFLoader anymore. please help me.
  8. hey guys, I'm currently loading swfs witch contain mp3 loaders and timelineMaxs via swf loader. works. when i unload on of them, the movie clips disappear, but the timeline and the sounds keep on playing, this is annoying, what should i do? *Edit i stopped them both via rawContent, but is this really the only way?
  9. sweet. thanks a lot. and how do i address functions and vars in a parent swf? well i found this: MovieClip(stage.getChildAt(0)).doSomething(); witch works fine, as long as i load the swf in an container movie, where doSomething(); is available. otherwise it'll just get stuck and do nothing. thats no big deal because i want to load all the conent anyway. i just wonder if there might be a more precise way to do the same. *Edit: everythings fine.
  10. excuse me carl, i spend the last few days in the middle of nowhere. i will try to figure out, what exactly was the problem an where i messed up the code. but right now i have a deadline and i don't have the permission to hand over any of the given artwork, means i have to somehow clean it up first to send it to you. it would be very helpful to know if it is possible to control a timelineMax, witch is located inside an sub loaded SWF ( via SWFLoader, loadermax). the whole project is split in several chapters and i would like to create an container SWF witch then loads every part and is also able to control each of them with its navigation interface. right now i don't even know how to read and write vars that are located inside of sub loaded swfs.
  11. hey folks, i created a pretty long timelineMax, and by now there are more than a few bugs inside of it. meaning, once played, from start to end, everything is fine. BUT if i call a label, that is located at a time that has already been passed, the tweenMaxes eventually get busted. ( some of them for example stay at their alpha 0 state, where they're supposed to be later or earlier on in the TLM, or show up, even if they shouldn't) but i somehow have to implement the ability to switch chapters back and forth. so i thought about simply passing the name of the label to an freshly loaded swf, where every things fine as it should be, and then via init get timelineMax and start it from this very label. i haven't tried yet, but let me know if theres any way to avoid the busted tweens or if there is a reload method for TLM, or if this swfloader init thing isn't going to work anyway. and yeah i know i should have done it a little bit more clean, i know its possible. thanks in advance!
  12. Hey, everything works! as expected. TimelineMax is simply awesome! Thanks for the detailed information and help.
  13. this sounds promising! I'm pretty sure i used the right property because i used the documentation; but i assumed that the immediateRender property was set to false by default. i guess it automatically is set to true, when the duration of the tween is put to 0, right? i will test it in an hour or so. and let you know if it worked.
  14. Hey Folks, I'm currently building a long animation movie with TimelineMax for the sake of slider implementation. the different Parts (scenes) are each organized in different MCs and i keep them off stage as long they aren't supposed to be visible. i want to place them to x:0/y:0 as soon as their timelineMax is to be activated, utilizing a zero duration TweenMax: szeneXY.append( TweenMax.to(myContent, 0, {x:0, x:0})); witch doesn't work, all these Tweens seem to be render immediately, and as a result all the mcs are visible from start. setting alpha:0 is no option because it slows down performance massivey. setting the duration of the tweens to .01 is still producing a slight movement animation eventually, witch isn't bulletproof enough. i already played around with the renderImmediately property, but wasn't lucky. thanks for reading any thoughts?