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  1. Ok, I will test your idea. In fact, I just wanted to do a zoom on an image which is part of a liquidArea. The liquidArea is just for me a good way to ensure it is full psize on a webpage, even if the user resize it or it is view in a swfoject at 100%. Thanks. Florent
  2. Thanks for your answer. The reason why I use the LiquidArea is to be sure the initial image will always adapt to the screen and always be well positionned. But, for my slideshow, I want to allow users to zoom inside the image. So, maybe it's two different concept and not manage zoom like I manage a proportional inside image. So, perhaps there is a way to hide the liquid area and place a copy of the image in front of the liquidarea with the same dimensions and allow this one to be zoomed ? And, when navigating to the next image, return to liquidArea mode ? Do you think this way could be done ? And how get the position and size of the LiquidArea's image ? Regards. Florent
  3. Hi, I've made a slideshow using XMLLoader and liquidArea. All is OK, but now I want to allow users to zoom into images with a slider. What is the best solution ? - Release the image and do a zoom (and stargDrag to allow to move the image behind the mask). And Re-affect the liquidArea when the zoom endup ? - Zoom the ImageLoader inside the LiquidArea ? or Zoom the content of the ImageLoader ? Thanks for answering, because I don't know how yto do that. Regards. Florent
  4. Thanks greensock, I just remove the width and height from my imageLoader and LiquidArea is doing the job. Indeed, the job was made twice from each tool. I've just to center my image the first time on the stage. Regards. Florent
  5. Hi, I've got a problem using LiquidArea and ImageLoader simultaneously. ImageLoader uses a width and height that define a container for the image to load in. I use it that way : new ImageLoader(_urlImage, {name:"image"+_slides.length, width:_IMAGE_LARGEUR, height:_IMAGE_HAUTEUR, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", estimatedBytes:100000, onFail:_imageErreurHandler}) _IMAGE_LARGEUR and _IMAGE_HAUTEUR are the max value the image can have I add an imagesContainer to the stage _imagesContainer = new Sprite(); addChildAt(_imagesContainer, 0); I use this _imagesContainer to add imageLoader.content to it I created a LiquidArea to adjust images for a stage resize var area:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 0, 0, _IMAGE_LARGEUR, _IMAGE_HAUTEUR, 0xEEEEEE); area.preview = true; area.attach(_imagesContainer); THE PROBLEM : On resize, the liquidArea is not taking my Image (that can be a landscape or portait ratio) but the size of the imageLoader dimensions (that are the max one, width and height) Is there a way for the LiquidArea to take the useful dimensions of my image and not the entire imageLoader container dimensions ? Thanks. Florent