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  1. Yes, I'm sure. You can check this easy, just copy some of this chars (☺☹☂☃עבריתעברית ) and try to paste it in the textfield on the example in http://greensock.com/TransformManager
  2. First of all, sorry for my english. Why TransformManager hide unicode symbols (☺☹☂☃) or other languages chars like Cyrillic, or Hebrew (עברית)? I know that Flash currenty supports unicode, you can do this in flash: tf = new TextField(); tf.text = "☹"; //also works with unicode directly tf.text = "\u263a"; Why doesn't work with TransformManager? Thanks!
  3. First of all, sorry for my English! I've just purchased the Transforming class for implementing it in my project, and its incredible! ...but i have a problem. It would be great if in future versions could be separated the _targetDisplayObject and the container where is gonna be placed. I'll try to explain: The TransformItem always is placed in the parent of the _targetDisplayObject, to be together, but in many cases (masking,layers management), it is necessary to be separated both elements, and not having the same "parent" element. In the actual code, it is not possible to separate this, and the result is this (an example where targetDisplayObject it's masked, or also there is an intermediate layer between targetDisplayObject and targetParentContainer): what I propose: var targetDisplayObject:DisplayObject; var targetParentContainer:DisplayObject; var _manager:ManagerTransform = new ManagerTransform(); _manager.addItem(targetDisplayObject, targetParentContainer, "scaleNormal", false); and this is would be the result: What do you think?