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  1. Hi thanks for the fast and clear reply ! the videos are so much easier for both of us and I'm glad you want to help so you're welcome I ran into a problem although. See the video, I show how I added the lines of code: http://cl.ly/0z211q451z0z373a1Q3q If I declare the upDown:Tweenlite in the properties (so if I do private var upDown:TweenLite = TweenLite.to(_fotolader1, .3, {y:"-10", paused:true, reversed:true}) it gives me this error on launch so I did it in my funciton : "Cannot tween a null object". Maybe it is because I try the reverso on a loader object? If so and there's nothing you can do, thanks anyway ! Th
  2. Hi guys I'm encountering a problem with Tweenlite. I have an image masked by a sprite, and on hover of the sprite, I want the image to move up with 5 pixels and when I hover out of the sprite I want it to go down again with 5 pixels. The problem is that the sprite and image his y position are relative, so when I hover very quick over and out it keeps moving because I work with +5 and -5. I uploaded a video to demonstrate the problem and how it should be here (only 24 seconds) : http://cl.ly/442o3z020Z2f2E2P1t2B And this is the code for this ! http://cl.ly/3e3y0P2A291W2h3K3D12 I already looked in to the overwrite thing but I don't really get what I should write, and I'm not even sure my solution is the overwrite thing? Kind Regards and thanks in advance ! Thomas