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  1. The Plugin works fine now on PC/Mac. But I think there is a bug when using Safari on the iPad/iPhone: It doen't really animate and just moves a few Pixels. Weird behaviour: When I put an alert message right behind the Tween, the window moves to the correct Position (but doen't animate) I tested with the snorkl.tv-Example-Structure above, just updated to the current version. Any Ideas? Thanks, Sebastian
  2. Hi Greensock, concerning your answer above: Do I see it right, that the gsCacheBusterId is appended to any image-load-request? (because in the documentation it says: noCache : Boolean - If true, a "gsCacheBusterID" parameter will be appended to the url with a random set of numbers to prevent caching ) - so I thought that it is only used when noCache is set to true. Also it says: [new in version 1.89:] When you load() an ImageLoader, it will automatically check to see if another ImageLoader exists with a matching url that has already finished loading. If it finds one, it will copy that BitmapData to use in its own Bitmap in order to maximize performance and minimize memory usage. But even in that case it requests the image with the gsCacheBusterId (says my firebug). Or is it, because I use the ImageLoader in a LoaderMax-Queue? Thanks for your support.
  3. Perfect. Works like a charm! Thank you very much.
  4. I'm still having trouble with this issue. Seems to be a Mac problem. Could you test it on a Mac, or do you have any ideas for workaround? I tested an older version of the greensock.swc and everything works fine
  5. I use the latest version of the swc (which includes the latest version of VideoLoader, does it?) But I figured out, that the problem seems only to pop up on the mac. I started my Browser on Windows via Parallels, same flash player version, and everything works fine. Are you working on a PC?
  6. Thanks for your answer. I understand, that the PLAY_PROGRESS its only fired when the progress is changed, but that wasn't exactly my problem. In my case (see my test setup link), even when it plays, the PLAY_PROGRESS isn't fired: The video has autostart and when it is buffered completely (full blue bar), I click short before the end (let's say 0,3 inch or 0,8 cm) in the videoControlBar. The video jumps to that position and continues playing but the PLAY_PROGRESS isn't fired any more, so the videoControlBar-Progress isn't updated any more. Also, the VideoLoader.VIDEO_BUFFER_EMPTY is fired (that is correct), but the VideoLoader.VIDEO_BUFFER_FULL isn't fired afterwards (what it should in my opinion, because it still has some bytes to play). Weird, that you can't see the bug, a workmate could confirm it on his mac. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Oh, I see my link was deleted, because of my special classes. Here again, hope this one works: http://www.file-upload.net/download-405 ... e.zip.html Can you confirm this problem? I use Mac, FP 11.1.102 Debug-Version. For me it seems as if this bug appears since FP 10.1.102
  8. Hey, I think I found a bug in the VideoLoader-Events. I have got registered three event listeners on my video: video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_BUFFER_EMPTY, onBufferEmpty); video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_BUFFER_FULL, onBufferFull); video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.PLAY_PROGRESS, onPlayProgress); Everything works fine, except when I want to seek my video right before the end AFTER the video is completely buffered: Suddenly the VideoLoader.VIDEO_BUFFER_EMPTY is fired and the VideoLoader.PLAY_PROGRESS doesn't fire any more. Also when the the video is paused and I want to jump right before the end of the video, same situation. I use the latest swc and here is my code: [link removed because it contained members-only plugins/classes] Thanks for your support Sebastian
  9. That's weird. Did you test it on a web server? When I run the swf in Standalone Flashplayer higher than 10.1 (not only a FP 11 problem) the problem occurs any time, on my local web server almost every second time. Anyway, I think it is number 2: When I increase the buffer time to 5, everything works properly. Strange, but NetStream I set the autoAdjustBuffer to false depending on the project. Sometimes I want to force playing as soon as there are enough bytes loaded to force display feedback. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks for your response. You can find my source-code here: [removed link because it contained members-only plugins/code] (seems like the attachment is to large because of the video) I don't want to change buffer mode to false the whole time, because I want do listen to the buffer-loaded event and not to the full-video-loaded event, to fade in and start the video as faster as possible. Cheers. Sebastian
  11. Hello. I do some preloading for my view within a Loadermax-sequence: A video should be loaded an the complete event fired, as soon as the video-buffer is full. video = new VideoLoader(filePath, {autoAdjustBuffer:false, bufferTime:3, bufferMode:true, container:videoContainer, autoPlay:false}); loaderQueue.insert(video); When loaded, I switch to normal loading mode, show the view and start the video afterwards: video.bufferMode = false; video.gotoVideoTime(0.01); //to show the first frame TweenMax.to(view, .4, {onComplete: video.playVideo, alpha: 1}) Here is my problem: Everything works fine in FlashPlayer 10, but in FP 11 the loading takes really long, and also an error appears (Error on VideoLoader 'video' (video.f4v): No metaData was received.) But the video starts playing after this delay correctly, even with correct meta data. (The video is rendered with H.264 f4v) What causes this delay and how can it be fixed? Thanks for your support.