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  1. Hi Again, I am trying to load a SWF with SWFLoader into a sprite object. I have this progressHandler function called and I see a weird error just before the e.target.progress reaches 1. VerifyError: Error #1107: The ABC data is corrupt, attempt to read out of bounds. flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() I googled it and I am unable to get any directions to solve this error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. How to set Width, height, crop of the container after instantiating SWFLoader Class? For Example, here is the line I instantiated SWFLoader class loader = new SWFLoader("1.swf", {name:"1.swf", width:200, height:400, scaleMode:"proportionalOutside", crop:true, estimatedBytes:4000, container:box}); now how to change the container box width, height, scalemode and crop properties? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!