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  1. Thank you for the information. Given that, I will probably go with your either of your alternative suggestions. Cheers.
  2. SCENARIO: I have a 4 minute 5Mb sound track that immediately loads and plays upon visiting the site. In addition to the sound track, there are many other files to load. These other files can load in about 5 seconds. The site does not "begin" until all of the files, including the sound track, have fully loaded. If it weren't for the sound track, the site could "begin" very quickly. WHAT I WANT: I want to be able to load one minute ( or roughly 1Mb ) of the sound track, pause the loading of the sound YET still continue playing the sound, meanwhile letting the other files load. Once the other files have finished loading, I would resume the loading of the soundtrack. PROBLEM: With load progress reporting, I check to see that 20% of the sound has loaded...then do the following: ( FYI: soundTrack is an MP3Loader instance ) 1. soundTrack.pause(); // This pauses the loading of the sound, yet also results in the sound stopping, though it was already playing via autoPlay:true 2. soundTrack.playSound(); // So here I attempt to play the sound .. yet... I get this error at line 2: ArgumentError: Error #2068: Invalid sound.