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  1. nice... This will help me in the future... thank you.
  2. I just want to share what is my solution to this problem. Well, it took me time to fix this (making another class for VideoLoader) but even using the VideoLoader, the problem still occurs. The problem was when you unload a sub swf from a parent swf that has a video on it, the sounds still remains. So my little solution is to put : SoundMixer.stopAll(); in my unloadSWF function. T_T
  3. Thank you for your instant reply. Yes, yes, yes, its all true. I am currently making a class that uses VideoLoader because I think its the best way since my loading system is a LoaderMax. Thanks a lot. Cheers.
  4. Hello. I have a problem in unloading a swf using FLVPlayback. I have a main class and I use SWFLoader in loading my swfs. One swf is using a FLVPlayback. Everything is fine except the sound of the video doesnt load. I think I can use unloadAndStop but I cannot find it in SWFLoader. My other option is to use customized player using VideoLoader and not FLVPlayback. But if there are still ways to make it right with playback, im open to it. Need a help. Thank you,
  5. Yes, I am beginning to understand LoaderMax now with some experiments. I tried getLoader(name) and it works like charm. I did some experiment using my own xml tagging + SWFLoader so I have to call it by nodes. It is good but I still want to find another way which is easier for me to expand my project. Anyway, looks like I am going to figure it out myself. Ofcourse, I will share what I know and experience with this project. Hope it will be successful. Thank you for your time and with this great enlightenment.
  6. Thanks for a detailed explanation. I think this getChildAt() will greatly help. But still something is bugging me. What if I will have this kind of xml structure? Coz this structure is what I am trying to achieve.... 3 to 4 depths. <page name="main"> <page> <page> <page> <page></page> <page> <page></page> <page></page> </page> <page></page> <page></page> </page> <page></page> <page></page> <page></page> </page> </page> <page></page> <page></page> <page></page> </page> Based on what you stated, I could have LoaderMax(s) inside a LoaderMax so my question is how can I get the loaders inside my second LoaderMax? using getChildAt()? how about if i have my own attributes like "title" and "description"? I am still digging here, trying to familiarize this API with the more convenient way I could get. Btw, starting from now I will use this loading system instead Flash`s. Sorry, English is not my first language. .. Thanks Carl.
  7. Hello. I am new to LoaderMax and I am planning to shift to this library for my next project. I am trying to make another version for my old project which uses nested xml structure. My purpose is to make a "back loading" function. Yes, my old project has a back button and it will go through the xml. My xml structure is something like this: <page name="main"> <page> <page> <page></page> <page></page> <page></page> <page></page> </page> </page> <page></page> <page></page> <page></page> </page> My back button function will load the parent of the child node. It works great but my question is how can I possible make the same structure in LoaderMax. I tried using XMLLoader for that and my structure is this: <page name="BundleBee" tagline=""> <SWFLoader name="main" url="assets/games/main.swf" estimatedBytes="3300" load="true" title="This is a title"> <SWFLoader name="game1" url="assets/games/game1.swf" estimatedBytes="3300" load="true"></SWFLoader> <SWFLoader name="game2" url="assets/games/game1.swf" estimatedBytes="3300" load="true"></SWFLoader> </SWFLoader> <SWFLoader name="main2" url="assets/games/main.swf" estimatedBytes="3300" load="true" title="This is a title"> </SWFLoader> </page> I want to go through the nodes and get its attributes but i cant figure out how to do that in xmlloader, except to call the loader, LoaderMax.getLoader("main") / ("game1") / ("game2"). Is there another way to deal with this. Please tell me ways to deal with nested nodes and do back function in my app. I still cannot picture out. I tried LoaderMax last night to get my hands dirty. Its really good and cool.
  8. Thank you.... I followed that tutorial too...and based it.. yah i think i have to study more on accessing and control nodes from xml with LoaderMax and its subs. I have to work it out. Thank you for the response. Cheers!
  9. Hello, I am new to Greensock`s LoaderMax class. I have a new project which is a videoplayer with thumbnails below, on x axis. I just want to ask if what will be the XML structure for the project. Should I go for the VideoLoader and ImageLoader nodes or just a generic XML. If there are tutorials regarding this, could you guys post it here. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello guys. Im new to LoaderMax. I have a project and its an interactive. I use external swfs and load it on my main swf and unloading it after loading another one. I also use a back button and a xml for the swfs. Is LoaderMax capable of handling problems like that? If so, please send me documentations to study. Response will really be appreciated.