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  1. Hi, I understood your explanation before. However, when I directly add the Displayobject (that is scaled nicely itself, no child related) to the TransformManager, it still not working with the 9-slice scaling. That is the problem.
  2. Hi, My picture frame (holder: sprite) has two sprite child (one is the frame border outside, and the other is the content inside). 1. We can not use the scale9Grid property Ex: var slice9rect:Rectangle = new Rectangle(38, 38, 38, 38); holder.scale9Grid = slice9rect; item:TransformItem = manager.addItem( holder ); 2. I have developed a successful 9-slice scaling sprite like below example: http://uwantweb.com/projects/FlashFrame ... /Main.html But when adding to the TransformItem, The transform is working as normal without the 9-slice scaling. I do not know why
  3. Hi, I have develop the picture frame and use TransformManager for the Scale. Could we use the approach 9-slice scaling with this TransformManager. Thanks.