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  1. Yes! Thanks! I was so close to having that, but I was missing a couple components.
  2. I guess my question wasn't very clear. Sorry. I used the code above. Works great. Now the user needs to be able to clear all copies. Below where the question marks are is where I am not clear. I tried removeChild, deleteSelection, deleteObject, etc. (note: this is used on a interactive whiteboard lesson) MovieClip(root).lesson_mc.toolbar_mc.reset_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, clearCopies); function clearCopies(Event:MouseEvent):void { ????????????????????????? }
  3. No, not all aren't selected. Picture sever shapes being copied to make a bigger shape. I have a refresh button to clear the pen tool and any changes made during the activity. I also need any newCopy that was dragged from the original to be cleared.