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  1. Hello all, I am curious what you guy think about the various 3D packages available for Flash. I would like to create more 3D elements in the flash work I am doing. We had an outside agency use papervision in a project they brought us. But when I did research I found papervision seemed to be stale and not too many new entries in Google. So I started looking at Away3d. I have not been happy with the documentation at all. The current code base is 4x and non of the examples work becuase the are all writtten for 3.x. Then I saw an app called Swift3D which sounded like ti had promise. And I downloaded the trial. It was a simple enough interface and looked like it had promise, but the trial version doesnt let you create the object to import into flash, and it looks like the only way to import it is with Papervision. So I guess it boils down to these questions: Is there a relatively simple program for creating 3D models that has a way to import them into flash? I know greensock code saved projects I had that were horid memory vacuumes using native adobe calls. and I recall Jack mentioning some pitfalls in the 3D design in flash. Assuming they cant write code to avoid memory leaks in loading files at adobe getting 3D to be efficient may be too much to ask, but it would still make my life easier if 3D was an option. Any help appreciated. Cadfael
  2. Hey guys, I usually parse tons of post and can find enough info for what I need. But what I need is so simple, I can find examples in all the complicated problems people bring here What I am looking for is a simple load and play of an MP3. Below is a piece of code I wrote to try MP3Loader. For some reason this isnt playing the sound in the intro.mp3. As a side note I was just using the sound and soundchannel facilities in adobe, but they seem to be somewhat memory leaky. In the past greensock code has helped with Video, I assume audio is cleaner here as well. But the audio I am using is pretty simple, just play serveral times. Any suggestions? import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; import com.greensock.loading.display.ContentDisplay; import com.greensock.loading.*; LoaderMax.activate([MP3Loader]) var myMP3:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("intro.mp3",{repeat:1, onComplete:playSound} ); myMP3.load(); function playSound(event:LoaderEvent) { var loadedMP3:Sound = event.target.content; trace(event.target.content); loadedMP3.play(); }
  3. I have several MC's embedded in a MC of a globe. I want to tween them from one location to another. I am pulling the name of the embedded MC from a database. But I am not having any luck using the string that is returned from the database to reference the instance of the object in the globe MC. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  4. I passed it in thru the XML file by changing each of the videoLoaders to look like ... Didnt seem to work. I also tried to edit the VideoLoader in the code, but the video was not visible at all. IN the sample I sent you, I can set the number of loaders that it cycles thru in the startvideo function. when I set it to 3, it play the 0,1,2 indexed videos over and over. Oddly enough it seems to only play the first from of the video at index 1, where index 0 and index 2 play everytime. I tried replacing the video, but still the same behavior.
  5. Sorry, the unload was something I was in the middle of testing when I zipped up the files. I was not using the unload statement. What I was seeing was the flash would hang. I could still close the window in Windows. The hang I was seeing was typically at about an hour and a half. But that seems to be coincidence. I just ran the sample I gave you over night. I can see that is didnt hang, but the videos still dont play every time. The tween works, the video hits the right size, but you cant see the video playing. At 30 seconds, the approximate length of the video, it fades and the next one starts. Memory usage is not at issue as far as I can tell.
  6. Attaching source for basic example
  7. try something like this, it will actually wait for your video to finish and should move it after. public function completeLoadHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { video.playVideo(); video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, VideoFinished, false,0, true); } function VideoFinished():void { setChildIndex( video, 0 ); }
  8. Below is test code I ran last night. It played thru the first 4 videos in my XML file six times and crashed. Hung in one of the videos. This is the issue I have been seeing in my production code, the video hangs or the flash debugger just closes. Below the code I will attach the output from the debugger ( not hugely useful, but...) LoaderMax.activate([imageLoader,VideoLoader, DataLoader, XMLLoader]); var loader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader("ex_queue.xml", {name:"Ex_queue.xml", onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler}); loader.load(); var VidContent:ContentDisplay; var VidLdr:VideoLoader; function ShowVideo(VideoNum:int):void { VidLdr = EXLoader.getChildAt(VideoNum); VidContent = EXLoader.getContent(VidLdr.name); trace(" - ShowVideo [" +VidLdr.name+ "] " + VideoNum); //get the content //add it to the display list addChild(VidContent); //fade it in TweenMax.fromTo(VidContent, 4,{alpha:0}, {alpha:1}); TweenMax.fromTo(VidContent, 3,{z:10000}, {z:0}); VidContent.width = 400; VidContent.height =280; VidContent.x = 0; VidContent.y = 0; VidLdr.gotoVideoTime(0,true, true);// .playVideo(); VidLdr.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, VideoFinished, false,0, true); } //================================================================================= function VideoFinished(evt:LoaderEvent) { trace(" - VideoFinished: [" + VidLdr.name + "] " ); VidLdr.removeEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, VideoFinished); TweenLite.to(VidContent, 3, {alpha:0}); demoIndex++; startVideos(); } //================================================================================= function progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("progress: " + event.target.progress); } //================================================================================= var DemoLoader:LoaderMax; var EXLoader:LoaderMax; var CLOUDLoader:LoaderMax; var Loaded:Boolean = false; var cloudLoader:VideoLoader; var ExVideo1:VideoLoader; var ExVideo2:VideoLoader; var ExVideo3:VideoLoader; var demoIndex:int =0; //================================================================================= function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace ("load complete"); var myXML:XML = event.target.content; DemoLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("Demo_queue"); EXLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("Ex_queue"); CLOUDLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("BG_queue"); trace ("DemoLoader: " + DemoLoader.numChildren); trace ("EXLoader: " + EXLoader.numChildren); Loaded = true; startVideos(); } //================================================================================= function startVideos() { if (demoIndex >= 4)//(DemoLoader.numChildren )) { trace ("reset demoIndex from ["+ demoIndex+"]"); demoIndex = 0;//Main loop } ShowVideo(demoIndex); } //================================================================================= [sWF] repeatvideo.swf - 264504 bytes after decompression progress: 0.989685124864278 progress: 0.04128226457141489 progress: 0.3784852887238477 progress: 0.3786410678323146 progress: 0.37992323713584436 progress: 0.4127734143993666 progress: 0.4517110670679977 progress: 0.45186001246739643 progress: 0.45203681332235923 progress: 0.5800560285741022 progress: 0.593794028687755 progress: 0.5945585285325702 progress: 0.6355881624812747 progress: 0.6356760785638164 progress: 0.6359385996664544 progress: 0.5052849302726923 progress: 0.5155561049861275 progress: 0.5157149923383375 progress: 0.5157682536055859 progress: 0.5411734751595607 progress: 0.5729794992582892 progress: 0.5731258113992502 progress: 0.5733091976276193 progress: 0.6023350695789295 progress: 0.6977384745850522 progress: 0.6979420314955361 progress: 0.6986127664120068 progress: 0.7292097236930476 progress: 0.9793820838435878 progress: 0.9796831862417499 progress: 0.9821590868490137 progress: 0.9996497916705075 progress: 1 load complete DemoLoader: 8 EXLoader: 7 - ShowVideo [peter] 0 - VideoFinished: [peter] - ShowVideo [hpc] 1 - VideoFinished: [hpc] - ShowVideo [levee] 2 - VideoFinished: [levee] - ShowVideo [corrs] 3 - VideoFinished: [corrs] reset demoIndex from [4] - ShowVideo [peter] 0 - VideoFinished: [peter] - ShowVideo [hpc] 1 - VideoFinished: [hpc] - ShowVideo [levee] 2 - VideoFinished: [levee] - ShowVideo [corrs] 3 - VideoFinished: [corrs] reset demoIndex from [4] - ShowVideo [peter] 0 - VideoFinished: [peter] - ShowVideo [hpc] 1 - VideoFinished: [hpc] - ShowVideo [levee] 2 - VideoFinished: [levee] - ShowVideo [corrs] 3 - VideoFinished: [corrs] reset demoIndex from [4] - ShowVideo [peter] 0 - VideoFinished: [peter] - ShowVideo [hpc] 1 - VideoFinished: [hpc] - ShowVideo [levee] 2 - VideoFinished: [levee] - ShowVideo [corrs] 3 - VideoFinished: [corrs] reset demoIndex from [4] - ShowVideo [peter] 0 - VideoFinished: [peter] - ShowVideo [hpc] 1 - VideoFinished: [hpc] - ShowVideo [levee] 2 - VideoFinished: [levee] - ShowVideo [corrs] 3 - VideoFinished: [corrs] reset demoIndex from [4] - ShowVideo [peter] 0 - VideoFinished: [peter] - ShowVideo [hpc] 1 - VideoFinished: [hpc] - ShowVideo [levee] 2 - VideoFinished: [levee] - ShowVideo [corrs] 3 Test Movie terminated.
  9. I am... VERSION: 1.884 * DATE: 2011-10-06
  10. Got another question. I used the method you describe. I play video's for two different queues. I access the Videoloader with getchildat and then pull the contents using the name. So far all is good. But once I have played the video once, and cycle back around to it, It either doesnt play or hangs. I am using myvideoloader.gotoVideoTime(0,true, true); in an efort to restart the video from the contents reference So my question is is there some other potential problem with repeatedly accessing a videoloader and the contents?
  11. I have a tween I cant quite figure out how to do. Maybe some one has a suggestion. I am showing a map of sorts, and making videos "fly out" from various locations. As they fly out they tween to a new location and enlarge at the same time. What I am trying to do is draw a triangular shape from the Fly out to where it came from to show what point on the map the video came from. I can drawn the triangle, but it is drawn before the Video gets to it's destination. What I need is to be able to constantly redraw the triangle so that it matches the movement of the video, and I am not sure how to do that. Any ideas? Cad
  12. Awesome, thanks. Like I said I just found this stuff a few days ago. I created a project to show multiple videos and loop all day. Flvplayback is sad. But this stuff rocks. I cant wait to dig into some of the other modules.
  13. I scanned the .as file, the function is in there. But as I said, LoaderMax.getLoader works and has code hint, but LoaderMax.getChildAt(x) does not compile and there is no getChildAt function in the code hint.
  14. I just downloaded it like two days ago. Is this the July version? This is the info in the LoaderMax.as file /** * VERSION: 1.884 * DATE: 2011-10-06 * AS3 * UPDATES AND