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  1. Ok, for ByteArray I need DataLoader, I have found it by myself Now I need to extract the list of classes... If I know a className, can I instantiate it from a DataLoader? I hope I can use the DataLoader without downloading the same SWF twice to have a DataLoader and a SWFLoader...
  2. Hi, I'd like to know how I could get an Array of all the class definitions from a SWF loaded with SWFLoader. Is it possible or I need to use some kind of workaround? And... how can I get the content to cast to ByteArray like I can do with an URLLoader? ByteArray(URLLoader(-url_loader-).data); Thanks
  3. Great! Months ago I read a few lines about OverwriteManager, but I forgot about this feature! Thank you very much Carl!
  4. Hi, I need to animate an object, setting just a few parameters everytime I create a new tween, keeping the previous parameters if they are not overwritten, like in the standard AS3 tween class. As an example: I have a spinning ball, animated by TweenLite.to (ball, 10, {rotation: 2000}); and after a few seconds from its creation I want the ball to start moving on x TweenLite.to (ball, 5, {x: 300}); Normally the second tween kills the first one. How can I asynchronously "sum" the two tweens? Thanks
  5. Fixed! It was a stupid bug: I was loading the SWF in LoaderMax (the code you saw was simplified) with other SWFs, but the loader of the interested SWF had a wrong name. Sorry for the useless discussion
  6. Ok, ok, I have read the documentation, but I can't get my program to extract a class from a loaded SWF. The working version uses the Flash native loader ldrContext = new LoaderContext(false, ApplicationDomain.currentDomain); var request_graphic:URLRequest = new URLRequest(urlG); ldr_graphic.load(request_graphic, ldrContext); ... var MC : Object = ldr_graphic.contentLoaderInfo.applicationDomain.getDefinition(className); return new MC; ---> returns the correct instance of the class while using SWFLoader gr = new SWFLoader(urlG, { name:"graphic", context:ldrContext, estimatedBytes: 200, container:this, autoPlay:false } ); gr.load(); var c:Class = gr.getClass(className); ---> c is null WHY?! I already have a "*" crossdomain
  7. Great! And if I wanted to add an onComplete event? I will dig more inside Greensock...
  8. Hi guys! My first topic here! I have an array of pages, and I want to go to the previous/next one using tweens, with different types of transitions, horizontal sliding (x coordinate), vertical sliding (y coordinate), fading (alpha parameter) or rotation (rotationY parameter). I want to convert classic tweens to tweenlite. The original code (for just one of the two pages moving) was new Tween(pages[whatever], transitionType, Regular.easeOut, BStart, BEnd, transitionSpeed, true); where transitionType can be "x", "y", "alpha" or "rotationY", corresponding to 4 MovieClip native properties. The stupid way would be the following code: switch (transitionType) { case "x" : pages[whatever].x = BStart; TweenLite.to(pages[whatever], transitionSpeed, {x : BEnd}); break; case "y" : pages[whatever].y = BStart; TweenLite.to(pages[whatever], transitionSpeed, {y : BEnd}); break; case "alpha" : pages[whatever].alpha = BStart; TweenLite.to(pages[whatever], transitionSpeed, {alpha : BEnd}); break; case "rotationY" : pages[whatever].rotationY = BStart; TweenLite.to(pages[whatever], transitionSpeed, {rotationY : BEnd}); break; } I need a smarter coding like pages[whatever].###transitionType### = BStart; TweenLite.to(pages[whatever], transitionSpeed, {###transitionType### : BEnd}); in order to add n transitions corresponding to n MovieClip native properties without creating a giant switch, but just keeping 2 lines of code (classic tweens need just 1!). The problem is that I don't know how to use a string as a tween parameter name or a Movieclip property name. Can you help me, please?