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  1. Hi Jack, Thanks for getting back so quickly. I'll let you know if I come up with something interesting. Best, Rich
  2. I have a rectangular area that I'm uploading bitmaps that are controlled with the TransformManager. I would like the targets to only show in a masked area and allow the control points of the TransformManager to extend beyond the mask. I have this working with transformItems, however I would like to use Crop objects. When I use Crop objects I get a red block that extends beyond the mask with the control points and if I double click to enter the crop mode the original mask is ignored. I've tried the two lines of code below to try and mask the Crop object. Any help would be greatly appreciated. manager.selectedTargetObjects[0].target.mask = mask_mc; manager.selectedTargetObjects[0].mask = mask_mc;
  3. Hi - I'm having trouble with getting a value from a movieclip. A user of the application chooses a color from a color picker and the following code is executed. TweenMax.allTo(targets, 0, {colorMatrixFilter:{colorize:myColor, amount:1}}); Later when the user clicks on the object i would like to set the color picker back to the color that was originally chosen. I am having difficulty getting the value from movieclip. Thank you in advance for you help.
  4. Hi Jack, Thank you for the gentle push into the correct answer. var t:int = manager.selectedTargetObjects.length; while (--t > -1) { if (manager.selectedTargetObjects[t] is Crop) { manager.selectedTargetObjects[t].update(); } } As always I appreciate all of your efforts. Best Regards, Rich
  5. Hi Jack, When I applyFullXML to my manger (which contains items and crop instances), any crop object's targets are left unaffected (the selection and crop instances do move) until the user clicks the selection box, then the crop instance updates it's target and pull the target to the appropriate location. How would I go about triggering this update programmatically to provide a better user experience? Best Regards, Rich
  6. Hi Jack, Thank you for the example. It works perfectly. I appreciate all of your hard work and talent. Best Regards, Rich
  7. Hi Jack, The the new crop tool works great for the layering functions. Thank you very much. I'm still having trouble trying to target the object Crop.target from the manager.selectedTargetObjects array. So that I can apply a TweenMax.allTo(??????????, .5, {dropShadowFilter:{color:0x000000, alpha:0.45, blurX:7, blurY:7, distance:7}}); Thanks again for all your help. Best Regards, Rich
  8. Hi Jack, Thanks for your quick reply. I've made the changes to the code as per your suggestions. I'm still not achieving my desired results. It appears I'm targeting the wrong items in the Transform Manager. I've included the revised .fla in this post. I've added a function that traces what is selected on the stage. I can see I'm selecting and incorrectly targeting the Crop objects instead of the TransformItem objects. How should I be targeting the items in my layering and tweening functions? Thank you for your kindness and best regards, Rich
  9. Hi Jack, Attached please find a .fla showing the issues I'm having when trying to enable the crop tool. I've commented out the cropping code to start with so you can see the desired effects. Please uncomment the cropping portion of the code and recompile to see the effect of adding the crop tool. As Always - Best Regards and Many Thanks, Rich
  10. Hi Jack, I could use some help on this as well. When the crop is applied to a manager. A tween (using tweenmax) I'm using, drop shadow stops working. The layering methods of the transform manager (ie. moveSelectionDepthDown et al) cease to function as well. The cropping works well and as expected. Commenting out the code that adds the crop to the manager restores the layering and the drop shadow tweening. Let me know if I've been clear in my description of the problem and if you think there is a resolution. Best Regards, Rich
  11. Thank you very much. The new code works like a charm.
  12. Hi, When I allowDelete : true on my transformManager and have the crop class added to a Sprite in the manager, the delete key first deletes the cropping tool (leaving the masks on and locked in place) and a second delete key deletes the item. Is there a way to have the first stroke of the delete key delete both the crop item and the transform target item? Many Thanks, Rich