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  1. I have solved the problem by bundling an external resource directory in the final APK file. I am developing for Air for Android with Flash CS 5.5, which allows bundling of external resources in the Air for Android settings. Adding a resource folder to the list of files to bundle is easily done through the settings pane. This allows me to include sounds to be loaded from an external folder. Air for Android Settings -> General -> Included Files Just add the external resource directories to be bundled.
  2. I like the functionality provided by MP3Loader. I need to bundle flash applications for Adobe Air delivery and must therefore bundle library sounds within the application. I am trying to figure out a way to use this class to provide its functionality for compiled library-based sounds. Alternatively, I am trying to figure out how to install an Adobe Air app on an Android and iPhone with the external resource directories from which to load sounds. Ideas in either direction would be most appreciated!