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  1. Do not worry, it seems that the loadermax's okay:) I talked to the admin webapp framework and it seems that it responded to the parameters sent, this caused a failure in the response and Safari blocked for security. Already talked to him and soon it's will be resolved. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I have a doubt about how to disable the gsCacheBusterID and purpose qs, in localhost these params is not be injected on url request, but when I change to a test environment or production, in all requests has these querystrings, even if I set noCache true and no add estimated bytes to the loader. I have changed some _setRequestURL calls on LoaderItem to disable this by now, because in Safari, occurs lot of request erros and the plugin is disabled by browser. Have is a clean way to avoid this?
  3. Hey Good I see, I'm sure about the bugs, it's annoying! I'm using the rawContent because before start this project, I had already a interface with a Video type to use in playback, but I not see problem to use content too, I even prefer, because the Sprite is more powerful than the Video object. Thanks.
  4. Dude, sorry I take out for a few days and return today. My fla is very very simple, just have this code and export to flashplayer 9 import com.greensock.loading.LoaderMax; import com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; var l:LoaderMax; l = new LoaderMax; l.append( new VideoLoader("mock.flv", {name:"video"})); l.load(); l.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, onLoadComplete); function onLoadComplete(event:LoaderEvent) { var v:VideoLoader; l.removeEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, onLoadComplete); v = l.getLoader("video") as VideoLoader; addChild(v.rawContent); }
  5. Hey Yes I made what you said and is ok with flv format. I made a isolated test with unique video and a very simple code to load the video, in my first test using the VideoLoader, the video is displayed correctly, but if I put the VideoLoader into LoaderMax, the property "rawContent" returns a black rectangle. I have solved my problem, but I think is a good idea do report this "gotcha" UPDATE: This error (black rect) occurs when the video is a f4v, when you use the "content" property of instance of VideoLoader, the video are displayed correclty Thanks
  6. Hello I'm coding a simple site with I need play a some f4v videos, but when I use VideoLoader to preloads, the video not is displayed on screen, it's bug only in flashplayer 9, above this, the video is displayed normally. Someone have an idea about this?