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  1. Hi, i recently tried to combine greensock with createjs/easeljs. I made this: chicken = new createjs.Bitmap('images/chicken.png'); TweenMax.set(chicken, {css:{transformOrigin:"50% 50%"}}); canvas.addChild(chicken); I know that transformOrigin is a css property method, but can i use it for object in canvas? If 'CAN', how do i do it?
  2. Thx for the reply man. And i wonder why firefox hasn't support this perspective style yet
  3. I was watching this.... http://www.seanslinsky.com/demo/star-wars-crawl-css3/ And just a quick question, can greensockJS do this too?
  4. Just a quick question, can an onComplete method runs two functions? Like... TweenMax.to(element, 1, {css:{width:"100%"}, onComplete:[function1 function2]}) The above is just an example
  5. I dont think using "to" would be the best approach since you are using zero as duration. Why not try using "set"? So your script will lokk like... TweenLite.set(element, {class:'+=newclass'}); So soory cant help you much, since i've never used "set" to add class. So i don't know if it is the sollution you're looking for
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    So sorry, i've been out with a bad fever and havent been active here for the last 5 days. So to cut things short. I've figured out the probs. So i forgot te set my style (not MY STYLE, but the css style) position to absolute. Now everything works fine after i set it to posistion:absolute. It brings me to another question. Is it only when we set the style position to absolute that we can animate the div?
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    Hey guys, I'm doing something like this, so the main objective is to start a repeating animation when a button is clicked function yoyoContact(){ var cYoyo = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}); cYoyo.append([ TweenMax.to($("cLogo"), 1, {css:{scale:1}}), TweenMax.to($("cBrand"), 1, {css:{scale:1}}) ]) cYoyo.append([ TweenMax.to($("cLogo"), 1, {css:{scale:0.25}, delay:3}), TweenMax.to($("cBrand"), 1, {css:{scale:0.25}, delay:3}) ]) } i made a button, and when its clicked it called the yoyoContact function. I must have done something wrong, coz it didn't work. Any suggestions?
  8. You know, this forum has helped me alot, not only i learn a lot about greenscok components but it also helped me understand html and css more. A THOUSAND BOWS TO ALL YOU GREENSOCK DEVELOPERS
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    @Carl and @Greensock Is there a way i can help? I mean, i really really like greensock, and it helped me a lot. But i don't think i can be a very reliable sources like you guys when answering any questions since i'm still in need a lot answers my self. But i hope i can help u guys in some ways.
  10. How do i get the value of certain properties? Like the z-index or the x and y position? Thx, sorry if the question weren't supposed to be posted here
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    Hi, is the js greensock tool have a script similar to AutoFitArea? I'm placing a lot of div's in html and sometimes to make it more fluid i used percentage to position them instead of pixels. Soooo, when user resize the stage (minimize it), all div's position get awkward. By the way, just a suggestion, i think there should also be a forum where people (beginner's like me ) can talk about other stuff but still related to greensock like html, php, and stuff so people can share their experience combining various scripting language with greensock (just a suggestion)
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    Is there a way i can do a flip animation with GSAP? It's kinda like rotationX or rotationY i assume.
  13. Thx for the info, it really helps. Using this transformOrigin, can i move a div and everything in it based on its transformOrigin points?
  14. Hai guys, i use the scale method a lot. And its great to know that when you use it, it set the registration point right in the middle. So a quick question, how do i change the registration point position?
  15. So i just put it here to correct my mistake, i found out why it didn't work my old code was like this: <div><a href="">button</a></div> That's why it didn't work, coz i put the a tag inside the div, but when i change the placa like this: <a href=""><div>button</div></a>, it works. Thx to Carl (once again) who ponted about the Dome Element. And by the way, nice trick on the scale thing