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  1. I'll have many swfs and don't know how many frames each one has.
  2. Thank you Carl. I think I not expressed myself correctly. Is there a way to use TweenLite to tween the Play (). ex.: TweenLite.to (ball, 1, {play: 1});
  3. I'm using autoplay=false to load a swf using SWFLoader. As expected, the swf is stopped during the timeline. Is there a way to make it play without knowing how many frames it has(without using the plugin "frame")?
  4. I made an application that creates a timeline mounted via xml (loads several external files). usually the application runs correctly, but when I use the timeline slider to change the position of the timeline occurs a bug. Especifically, when I release the mouse, the frames per second fall and greatly reduced application performance. It gives a small locked before returning to run normally it is and example. Anyone, can point some light? http://www.datis.com.br/arte/M1T2.htm
  5. I havea main file that loads various external elements, defined by an xml,as swf, images and sounds. Through the xml ,I define the sequence and properties of tween. It turns out that at certain times the total size (external xml + files) is very heavy (more than 4mb). is there any way to make a buffering, loading the beginning of the sequence and then loading the rest? XML example: <item type='swf' instance='ilu001-plano_1_mc' tween_visible='1' duration='.1' /> <item type='swf' instance='ilu001_plano_1_livro' tween_visible='1' duration='.1' /> <item type='mp3' target='Loc0065.mp3' estimateBytes='102400' instance='LOC0065' pers='Julia' pers_action='FALAR' /> <!-- TEXT --> <item type='swf' instance='legenda_mc' duration='0.1' tween_textIndc='18' />
  6. Hello I just purchased a corporate license.I'm excited waiting for version 12.
  7. Hi, is there any plan to "port" the GreenSock class to js?
  8. To make a smooth transition, I have to start the back of "z" and "rotationY" before the first animation is complete. But doing it, when I backwards the timeline, the 'movieclip' remains fuzzy (don't back "z" and "rotationY" to "0") When clicked: TweenLite.to(box, 0.4, { z:160, scalex:4, scaleY:4, rotationY:30 } ) TweenLite.to(box, 0.7, { z:0, scalex:4, scaleY:4, rotationY:0 , delay:0.2} )
  9. Yes, I'll publish in FP 11. I've tried to use rotationY, but don't know scale z, i'll try this one. thanks
  10. Hi, I received a demand for an animation similar to opening a windows 8 metro application. Basically, when you click on the tile, it is enlarged and distorted, enlarging the right part before the left. See the file (print screen) or the youtube example ( ).