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  1. Update; when using 2.1.2 for both it works just fine! In my case I cannot change the first version as I don't control the source, but good to know for future reference that this is (probably) fixed by using recent gsap versions. @GreenSock if you want you can still check my sandbox as this might give interesting clues on why it does work with recent versions.
  2. Totally understand @GreenSock! Bundling, modules, UMD etc can be quite confusing at times. I reproduced the issue in a Github repo to make this issue debugable. Also added a readme with the specific steps I take to reproduce the error. Hope this helps. The repo can be found at https://github.com/laurentvd/gsap-conflict-bug
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue. Using gsap 2.0.2 from npm on the main site which includes a script containing (amongst other things) the Club Greensock version (1.20.2). My fix was this; I created an intermediate module that passes a reference to either the existing global version or the bundled module version: import TweenMax from 'gsap/TweenMax'; import TimelineMax from 'gsap/TimelineMax'; export const Tween = window.TweenMax ? window.TweenMax : TweenMax; export const Timeline = window.TimelineMax ? window.TimelineMax : TimelineMax; export default { Tween: Tween, Timeline: Timeline, }; This module is inside the included script. Not sure what's happening here, but at least this seems to be a working work-around for me.
  4. Thanks a lot for your help! I don't think I would've figured it out. The matrix with spaces comes from Illustrator, so for future reference, I've update my pen. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future. Thanks again. This automatically replaces spacing with commas.
  5. Ah yes, that's more like it. It's always a lot simpler than I think it is I do however still have a weird thing where it's tweening to (what seems) a 0,0 position. See my updated pen.
  6. Thanks again. I'm aware of the AttrPlugin, but does it transformation matrices? I mean, one <text> element has transform="matrix(0.9986 -5.233000e-02 5.233000e-02 0.9986 72.5351 173.9895)" while the other one has transform="matrix(0.9986 -5.233000e-02 5.233000e-02 0.9986 72.5351 163.9888)" Does it know how to tween between those?
  7. Thanks for your reply PointC! I'm not really new to the forums, just not a very active member And sorry for being unclear. I have a bunch of SVGs, made by a designer in Illustrator. The given SVG is just a random example and I removed many layers from it to make my question more clear (and failed at that). The text has to transform (rotate, move, scale) to whatever the designer has put in the SVG. The transformation in my example was just random really. So I guess my question really is, can I tween from one transformation string to another?
  8. Hi! First time trying out the MorphSVG plugin and it's pretty cool! I'm trying to transition from one SVG text transform to another (and not the shape itself). I know that gsap does not support morphing SVG text, but is there a way to transition from one transform to another? The text in my Codepen should slightly move.
  9. Guys, this s* is insane! It's exactly what we all wanted and more. Thanks!
  10. After some research and more hair pulling I found out it had to do with pausing a video. Once a video was paused, unloaded and then reloaded, it wouldn't respond to any method (even playVideo()). Anyway, to prove and debug this I will come up with a FLA for you to test. Unfortunately (for you) I'm going on a holiday tomorrow and I don't have the time to fix it in time. Maybe I'll look into it again once I'm back. Thanks for your help thusfar.
  11. I'm not yet certain, but it seems that the video is there but it just won't play. AutoPlay is set to false in my XML so I start it manually using playVideo(). The second time I do this, it doesn't work. Will keep you posted. [edit] typo
  12. I do still think there's a problem because the video isn't shown while I'm certain the loader.content is attached to the top layer of the stage. Anyway, if I find the time to cook up a simple FLA, I will post it here. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this? I would be really gratefull.
  14. I had the same issue. My solution was to add the video to stage for half a second with alpha set to 0 and then remove it again. The next time you add it, it doesn't flash anymore. Cheers