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  1. Ok, solved. It was a simple matter of logic, as witnessed by the vagueness of the question. Thanks anyway!
  2. Hello, I have a simple (maybe?) problem, as long as I am a GS newbie, I hope you can help me solve it. In my AS3 document class have a function: public function nextModule(uri):void { while (_contentContainer.numChildren > 0) { _contentContainer.removeChildAt(0); } moduleLoader = new SWFLoader(uri,{ container: _contentContainer, onComplete: moduleIsLoaded, onProgress: moduleIsLoading, onError: errorHandler, estimatedBytes: 50000, width: stage.stageWidth, height: stage.stageHeight - 140, scaleMode: 'proportionalInside', autoDispose: true }); moduleLoader.load(); } that loads external swf into my "_contentContainer" Sprite. Then I wrote a simple event listener, "resizeHandler" to help me solve window resize issues: public function resizeHandler(event:Event):void { _contentContainer.x=0; _contentContainer.y=0; _dock.x=0; _dock.y=0; logo_pop_small.x=stage.stageWidth/2-475; logo_pop_small.y=stage.stageHeight-logo_pop_small.height-40; menu_stripe.x=logo_pop_small.x-2157; menu_stripe.y=logo_pop_small.y+18; _menuContainer.x=logo_pop_small.x+160; _menuContainer.y=logo_pop_small.y+29; full_screen_toggler.x=logo_pop_small.x+935; full_screen_toggler.y=logo_pop_small.y+30; sound_control.x=logo_pop_small.x+843; sound_control.y=logo_pop_small.y+28; } stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, resizeHandler); stage.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.RESIZE)); My SWFLoader works fine and puts the content where it should be (as stated in "width", "height" and "scaleMode" properties of "moduleLoader"), but obviously, when I resize the browser window, my external swf loaded content is not repositioned :s Is there any way to recall my SWFLoader repositioning propertier in my resize handler function? Thank you in advance!