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  1. Umh, for a personal culture, what the difference from calling a function with brackets and without it?
  2. Hi, is it possible with LoaderMax to load animated gif and play it once they are loaded? If not, there are other solutions without do it manually with specific software that converts gif in SWF movies? It will be useful to found a PHP script that do it automatically
  3. Hi, i noted a strange phenomenon that can change my idea about how tweenmax works I do a simple example TweenMax.to(MC, 1, {y: 1000, onProgress: checkY()}) function checkY():void { trace (MC.y) } Well, the trace return me always the same initial MC's Y coordinate, and not the updated position... Why ?
  4. Hi It's possibile to keep trace if an object is tweening?
  5. cool works! than trasnfering the paramters using [supimg], doesn't matter the real/actual content of supimg, the function only consider the tweened MovieClip
  6. Umh i don't understand My situation is that i've an image grid, then every image have an x and y position that i've to keep trace Then in posarrayx i trace the x position of the images and in posarray i trace the y position (it's like a matrix, but i've used two array) This because i can zoom images clicking on it, and closing it, they have to return into initial position memorized into posarrayx and posarray Now i haven't no array named "posarraImages"
  7. then "pl3" is the instance name of a your MC placed on stage, and writing "[pl3]" you convert it in array? The conversion is necessary because tweenmax accepts only array to trasnfer, right?
  8. you need to declare it or can just place the name of MC into square brackets?
  9. cool method anyway in my case supimg change for a simple reason.. this is the code function apriimg(evt:Event):void { if (evt.currentTarget!=supimg) { if (supimg!=null) {TweenMax.to(supimg, 1, {scaleY: 1, scaleX: 1, x: posarrax[supimg.id], y: posarray[supimg.id], onComplete:riattivazoom})} //<---------- supimg tween starts supimg=evt.currentTarget //<-------supimg contens change in meanwhile TweenMax.to(evt.currentTarget, 0.5, {scaleY: 7, scaleX: 7, x: -250, y:100}) } } then while supimg are tweening (it require 1 secondto complete operation) supimg change it contents
  10. i don't understand, what is "IX" and "IY" propriety? and in what sense pl3 is an array? Why you use it?
  11. Hi I want to know if is possible to launch a function through onComplete parameter, trasferring at the function the Object associated with the tween For example: TweenMax.to(supimg, 1, {x: posarrax[supimg.id], y:posarray[supimg.id], scaleY: 1, scaleX: 1, onComplete:riattivazoom}) launching the function "riattivazoom", i want to trasnfer to it "supimg", but without using the real name of the variable (supimg) because in the meantime it content could be changed! I wanna be sure that tweenmax transfer at the function che precisious object thath have generated the "onComplete" event. I hope you understood me, i'm italian
  12. Hi (sorry for my english, i'm italian) I've a MovieClip with dropShadow setted into flash interface When i use the "colorTrasform" filter on it, the tween apply the new color on the dropShadow too, whil i only want to modify the original mc is it possible?