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  1. Thanks! I was using viewportChecker and animate.css but today the latest version of Chrome for OSX wasn't cooperating. I'll try one of these.
  2. Are there any posts or howtos on animating an element when it enters the viewport? So, scrolling the page, it enters the viewport and then animates. I’ll figure out an animation but would like to know how to have an element only animate when it enters the viewport on scroll.
  3. Alright, thanks. I see what I wasn't getting. I did try {fill:none},{fill:black}. I forgot to put quotes around values. Thanks for clueing me in on this!
  4. I'm trying to draw the stroke, then fill the shapes. What am I missing here?
  5. Yes you can close this ticket, I can now tool around with it using timeline where if i have any issues there I'll take up in a new post.
  6. Sort of. I am not thinking that the photo (img) travels the path of the animation. I am thinking a photo on top of a animating svg, where the svg animates behind the photo with the svg being larger than the photo—the photo remains static on top of the animating svg.
  7. Is it possible to stack an img on top of an animating drawSVG? Just looking for a simple yes or no at the moment. I've got something working so far…
  8. You can disregard this post, or delete it. I solved the problem, a simple problem.
  9. I have this pen working and have added the code to WordPress. The SVG is appearing but not drawing. Sorry, I don't have a live example worked up yet. I've added all the code where it needs to go. There is an existing GSAP animation so I plugged in the JS in the same file, the CSS in the stylesheet, and the drawSVG plugin link where the Tweenmax link is. I've also added the CSSPlugin link, and am not sure if that is needed. I'm using the <path> element only. The SVG image code is placed in a WordPress text widget running the newest version of WP. Funny that the image will show on the front-end but when I navigate back to the text widget the SVG code does not remain in the text widget. When I inspect for the SVG, it's code is in the html, yet there is not JS error in the console. What could I be missing? Are there any known issues with WordPress and drawSVG?
  10. rect is clearly less code and that's cool, but is there any difference with rect or path, is one better than the other for performance, cross-browser compatibility, etc.?
  11. How do you change the position of the start point of each shape? Any clue on how to do that? I changed the drawSVG to 100% 100% and can get it to go backwards, but how do you pinpoint where you want to have a starting point? Is there a way to do that?
  12. Thanks for your input Mikel. I've finally got something working from output to SVG. I'm learning about SVG code as I go here, so far with SVGs I've only ever output them for web as static (non-animated). My artwork had to be completely reworked. Initially I had fills from creating outlines from typeface, of course those don't work at all. Then from the fills I deleted the inner outline of the inner & outer outlines, and used the 'Align Stroke to Inside' as the stroke which created 'path' elements in output to SVG code. Still didn't work. Must not have liked Align Stroke to Inside. Then I completely reworked the artwork with stroked shapes (no fill) with Align Stroke to Center, and that finally works. I created each stroked shape the same way, however the smallest shape is a 'path' and not a 'rect' for some odd reason. In the output to SVG it made the two bigger shapes 'rect' elements and the smallest one a 'path' element. Quirky. Is there a 'path' to 'rect' element converter? I can choose "rect, path" as the elements but I'd rather have the smallest shape a 'rect' as well. Anyone have this problem with output? Is there a problem with it the way it is in the current pen? Also, why don't I have a Run button in my Codepen account? It will show here in this forum, but not on the pen in Codepen. Just refresh the page to see the animation again for the time being.
  13. I updated the graphic to be strokes, not a fill, and updated the pen with the new SVG code and nothing is happening. I've tried using rect as the element, currently it's path, and not sure which to use. I think path? Another thing, I'm not super experienced with codepen and am wondering why there is no Run button in my pen. Is that a feature that comes with a Pro level codepen account?