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  1. I'd love to get v10 to test — I'm going to test v11 as well. The reason I'm asking is, we're 'stuck' with using player within Adobe AIR for TV. I can't profile the application on the machine running the player which is making this quite tough to find these small memory leaks. Profiling in the same player version locally shows no leaks. There are definitely some quirks, and as a whole with Adobe AIR for TV. From research, player had some issues regarding BitmapData not being GC'd unless the instance was a property of Bitmap. And, it definitely has some other memory issues in our unique situation. So, I'm just trying to try different libraries and techniques to, hopefully, find what's causing these leaks. Thanks!
  2. I'm hoping you can point me to archived versions of the AS Tween engine(s)? Specifically looking for a stable version released around the days of player Many thanks!
  3. Interesting addendum: http://jpauclair.net/2012/02/25/epic-memory-track-down/
  4. Are there any downsides (minus data typing) to tweening a generic Object that is a property of some Class vs. creating a specific Class (extending Object) and tweening on that? For example, this is the Class property (foo) that I'm using the Tween on to tween all of foo's properties — I'm curious if this has any downsides from a GC standpoint: public var foo:Object = {a:1, b:2, c:3, d:4, e:5, f:6, g:7, h:8}; thanks!
  5. We're working on a very niche project with a somewhat customized version of the Flash Player — I can offer more details if necessary. One of the leaks appears to happen when we attempt to utilize an ENTER_FRAME event, and if that same event is added a second time after it has already been registered. Consider this as an example: function onFrm(e:Event):void { } addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onFrm); addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onFrm); My question is, within the core of TweenMax, knowing that we're using tween overwrites, are there many cases where that scenario may happen within the engine? I figured I'd ask here before I started digging deep into it all. If this does have the chance of happening, I can probably customize the engine to utilize the following which appears to resolve this issue we're having. I realize this could impact performance, but that's less of a concern than the memory issue. if(!hasEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME)) { addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, foo); } Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the response! I'm batch loading these files using the technique below and I have activated the image loader: loadimgs = LoaderMax.parse(imgURLs, {name:"imgBitmapsLoader", onProgress:loadMaxImgProgress, onComplete:loadMaxImgComplete, onError:loadMaxImgError}) as LoaderMax; loadimgs.maxConnections = imgURLs.length; loadimgs.load(); But, within the LoaderMax parse method, due to there not being a last instance of "." in the URLs, in fact, there will never be a period within any of the URLs, the URL itself is trying to be validated against the _extensions objects. I did hack in a quick solution, but I feel it's less than ideal — so was wondering if there is a better way to handle this. I activated (again, not ideal) an empty string as a file type: LoaderMax.registerFileType("", ImageLoader); And within the parse method, I simply set 's' to an empty string if the URL doesn't contain a period.
  7. And, for the record, I did try LoaderMax.registerFileType("", ImageLoader); which isn't working.
  8. Before I dig too deep, I'm hoping someone can direct me on how to modify LoaderMax to allow it to load PNG files that happen to not have the file extension .png. The files are under our control and are of the known type PNG, however, for various reasons, the file names do not contain a file extension in their names. Thanks!
  9. We're not — and I just saw that method, thanks for the quick response! One more question though, I noticed another thread asking why TweenProxy3D wasn't compiled into the v11 SWC — it is compiled into the SWC we're using?
  10. Can someone shed some light on the latest version of TweenProxy3D? We're not sure we have the latest version — there appears to be a few Dictionary items that are getting stuck in memory. Happy to share more details if need be.