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  1. Oh wow!! Thank you guys so very very much! Exactly what I was after The second technique posted by carl looks much more familiar to something I could hand (I'm a major beginner). I applied it to my flash file and it works awesomely! Just a question though...is it possible to have the movie clip play through rather than being static? For example, just say I wanted an image inside the movie clip to fade on first, then a second image after. Thank you so much again! I've been looking for a solution for days, so you've really made my day! Haha
  2. Thank you for the reply and link! Yes I think I will certainly be converting each section to a movie clip on the timeline http://www.snorkl.tv/2011/03/teaser-bul ... ansitions/ The above link is very similar to what I would like to achieve - sequence plays quickly in reverse before introducing the next section on the timeline. Except I only want this applied to images... I was reading through and it says "if you want transitions to overlap (think crossfade) you’ll have to explore a different approach. Crossfade is kinda what I was hoping to achieve... I was a little stumped at the the screen capture method...plus I'm not sure how I would apply it to one element, or if its only for fading out the whole frame... ^^; So I was just seeing if anyone knew of a good approach they have used for image smooth transisitions between frames, otherwise I guess I'll try and follow along that link and see I can manage to apply the technique to just images.
  3. Hello~! I confess that I am a complete n00b at using greensock and flash, so I would be very appreciative if someone could help dumb it down for me! I have been searching the internet for hours trying to find a solution. On my timeline, I have 4 buttons. The 4 buttons each go to a labelled frame when clicked. I have a different image and content in each labelled frame section. What I would like to achieve: When you click to go to a labelled frame section, the image from the previous frame section will fade out and the image in the current frame will fade in. I would like the images to fade in/out from one another no matter what sequence the buttons are clicked. Any help for a poor, lost n00b, would be so very very appreciated :')