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  1. I see That's incredible that flash's NetStream has so many bugs. Thanks for your quick replay
  2. Hi, I think I found a bug when I try to load a video and access to the onInit event. I made a simple test that you can copy and paste on an as file or a fla file: import com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader; import com.greensock.loading.data.VideoLoaderVars; // flv works ok, see example below: // var _url : String = "http://cdn.liverail.com/adasset/229/331/hi.flv" // MP4 is not OK , it si doing Two onInitEvent var _url : String = "http://streaming.openvideoads.org/shows/the-black-hole.mp4" var videoVars : VideoLoaderVars = new VideoLoaderVars(); videoVars.onInit(onInitEvent); videoVars.bufferTime(3); videoVars.allowMalformedURL(true); // videoVars.autoPlay(false); videoVars.autoAdjustBuffer(true); videoVars.container(this.stage); var videoLoader : VideoLoader = new VideoLoader(_url,videoVars); videoLoader.load(); function onInitEvent(event:Event) : void { trace("onInitEvent") } As you can see if I use the URL that has a FLV file, the onInitEvent is fired 1 time But if I use the URL that has a mp4 file, the onInitEvent is fired 2times !!! I test this isue with a previous version on greensock and with the latest version (just downloaded) and I get the same result. Any ideas? Thanks Rodrigo
  3. Hi thanks for the answer, I'll try to explain what I what to do. The use case is that a user starts to play a long video so internally I retrieve a video from a URL from my CDN like this http://cdn.example.com/video.mp4?start=0 Now the user click on seek bar but the time that he whants to view is not yet loaded so I sould get a seek.invalidtime. With that info I know that I have to load the same video with the new time that I get from the seekbar so I send a new request to my CDN like this. http://cdn.example.com/video.mp4?start=80 Whit these technique what I get is that for user is transparent and it looks like I'm doing video streaming but in reality I'm doing progresive download. This can be achieved if on your CDN you have set up Flash media Server with srubbing option on. So that is why I need to know if the user clicks on a time beyond the loaded time. I guess you are right and maybe I can do some work arround with the bufferprogress but I was wondering if there was any way to listen to all the netstatus events (specially the invalidTime). I even try to acces directly to the netstream class like this: _videoLoader.netStream.seek(80) but with no results
  4. Hi, is there any way of retrieving the NetStream.Seek.InvalidTime event from the VideoLoader ?? I'm trying to retrieve that event but no success. I create a : _videoLoader.netStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatusHandler); To listen to all netstatus withing the netStream but I never get the invalid.Seektime. To test this, what I do is to play a long video and try to seek on a time that is not yet loaded like this: _videoLoader.gotoVideoTime( 80 ); And I need to retrieve the NetStream.Seek.InvalidTime because it returns the maximun time that has been loaded witch I will use later to do Scrubbing. The only event that I get is the NetStream.Seek.Notify. Does any body knows how can I do this ??? TIA
  5. Ok I found the work around Looking at the source code there is a public method call "prop" where you pass property as String and any value, so it will be something like this vars.prop("onInit", onInitEvent); And that will do the job !! Now I see the previous replay from GreenSock Thanks and I will download the newest release.
  6. Hi, I'm loading a video using VideoLoaderVars, but the problem that I have is that there is no onInit() function on VideoLoaderVars object. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but my idea is to do this: var vars : VideoLoaderVars = new VideoLoaderVars(); vars.onInit(initEvent); var loader : VideoLoader = new VideoLoader(theUrl, vars); if I don't use the vars object y can get it right: var loader : VideoLoader = new VideoLoader(theUrl,{onInit:initEvent}) But I have to parse a lot of parameters so I will like to have the vars object set it up. Is there any work around ? TIA