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  1. You know, it is working perfectly . Apologies, I didn't download the latest. Jack! you rock. Thanks a lot. - Tahir.
  2. Hi Jack. Even after downloading the latest classes, I still have the same issue . I mean the still fires even after failure. I have the same structure of both XML's nodes as well as XMLLoader instantiation bit as before.
  3. Hi Jack, Ok I am also puzzled by onComplete behavior working with "skipFailed" variable. Here is the xml: Here is the XMLLoader instantiation: this.xmlLoader = new XMLLoader (new URLRequest (this._xmlData.getComponentInfoPHP.@path), { name: 'dataLoader', onComplete: this.onComplete, onError: this.onError, onIOError: this.onIOError, onFail: this.onFail, onChildProgress: this.onChildProgress, onChildComplete: this.onChildComplete, onChildFail: this.onChildFail, skipFailed: false, skipPaused: false, noCache: true }); You see! I have added "skipFailed" (and even "skipPaused") to both the XML's node as well as in the XMLLoader instantiation, yet the still fires even after a child has failed to load. Pretty sure that I must have done something stupid, but still; help please! Thanks, - Tahir.