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  1. Creating a new ApplicationDomain did the trick. Thank you so much for the help. -Tim
  2. I'll see what I can do regarding a simple demo. Posting this is difficult because of NDA restrictions. I need to dummy this down quite a bit to show an example and post the code. Is there another way to reach you without using this forum to ensure my privacy as well even with the scaled down version? Thanks for the reply, Tim
  3. I have an AS project that houses all of the transform interaction and management (let's call that TransformCanvas). I want to use TransformCanvas within a Flex application. TransformCanvas was built with TransformManager not FlexTransformManager. I am using SWFLoader to load the TransformCanvas SWF into the Flex application. When I select an object, the handles and bounding box used for sizing and rotating do not show. I can move the object but no handles are available. Any suggestions? TransformCanvas itself works as designed when not loaded into a Flex application. Thanks, Tim