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  1. How can I make LoaderMax prioritize loads as they appear in the array I pass to LoaderMax using parse() (loading first url first, then the second etc)? Can it be done at all, or how would I go about doing this?
  2. I'm having a hard time understanding how to use LoaderMax for this scenario: 1. I want to load an array of thumbnails - each thumbnail representing a larger image, a video or a swf (when clicked). (All thumbnails have the same fixed size, but could change for each gallery, so I have to have this in a dynamic way) 2. I want to add them to the display list prior to loading start, to show the load progress of each thumbnail (by displaying a progressbar, and fade in the thumbnail when it's loaded) 2a. I want to lay them out next to each other based on their width (or below each other based on their height) prior to load start. So they'll all show their progress bar clearly (and not on top of each other). 3. I also want to add some custom rollover behavior to each thumbnail (a highlighted border), with a label and other stuff. 4. I want the larger load (represented by each thumbnail) to start only when a thumbnail is clicked. How do I loop an array of thumbs and lay them out prior to load start? I've tried using the parse(), but it only uses ONE onComplete function. I think I need one onComplete handler for EACH finished loader, or am I wrong here? I simply can't get my head around this workflow, as the 'system' itself seems simply enough. It simply tweaks my brain. Any help on achieving the above would be nice. I've already tried this (in constructor): LoaderMax.activate([imageLoader]); // ONLY LOADING IMAGES IN THE FIRST PLACE var queue:LoaderMax = LoaderMax.parse(_caseThumbs, {onComplete: onCompleteHandler}); // _caseThumbs IS AN ARRAY OF URLS queue.prependURLs("http://somedomain.com/media/"); //saves us from having to include this in every URL in the array, and makes switching servers very easy. queue.load(); private function onCompleteHandler(event:Event):void { trace("Load complete"); var _thumb:ImageLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("http://somedomain.com/media/image/thumbnail_1.jpg"); // I CAN GET EACH LOADER MANUALLY BY URL, BUT I WANT TO GET IT AUTOMATICALLY IN A LOOP - USING SOME SORT OF COUNTER _thumb.content.y = _yOffset * _yOffsetCounter++; // CUSTOM VARIABLES USED FOR OFFSETTING EACH THUMBNAIL IN THE Y DIRECTION addChild(_thumb.content); } As you can probably see my head is spinning around simply to understand using the LoaderMax ...