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  1. I just added a drawing mode to my animation app check it out. http://market.android.com/details?id=air.GridTweaker
  2. Why is this tracing correctly, but not functioning? //Main Animator function animateit(Event:MouseEvent):void{ MenuHandlersanskey(); var thex = parseInt(inputx.text); var they:Number = parseInt(inputy.text); var stagger:Number = parseFloat(inputstag.text); var duration:Number = parseFloat(inputspeed.text); var thexscale:Number = parseFloat(inputscalex.text);; var theyscale:Number = parseFloat(inputscaley.text);; var therotation:Number = parseFloat(inputrotate.text); var thealpha:Number = parseFloat(inputalpha.text); trace (String('\"+'+thex+'\"')); TweenMax.allFrom(Boxes,duration,{x:('\"+'+thex+'\"'),y:"+100",scaleX:thexscale,scaleY:theyscale,alpha:thealpha,rotation:therotation,ease:theease},stagger); }
  3. Here's an air for android app I made that is pretty much an allFrom tweaker. It's kinda fun. Check it out. http://market.android.com/details?id=air.GridTweaker