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  1. Hi1 I make a simple example of my problem. You can download the example from here http://photonslab.com/temp/test-XMLLoader.zip .
  2. Hi i have the same problem but your solution is not working. if i use thisMC = LoaderMax.getContent(clips[index].name).rawContent as MovieClip; everytime the variable take the value null but if i use var content:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent(clips[index].name); addChild(content); the movie clip apear on the screen. The problem is that i need to access this like a movieClip. if you have a solution on this please let me know. Thanks! Somehow i resolved this. if i use for loading my movieclips from an xml file with XMLLoader is not working, but if i load with SWFLoader separately every movieclip from that xml file is working. in my opinion in XMLLoader is some bug. Because i tryied all the posibile way to take rawContent from the loader i tryied with LoaderMax.getLoader(clips[index].name).rawContent and the same rawContent was null.