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  1. There are 3 mistakes. in dragEnd, console.log(box) is giving error. There is no such thing as box Remove x:0, y:0 from tween.to I have no idea why, the right box doesnt show border for the second time. But, once you solve 1 & 2, it started working a little. Here is the forked codepen https://codepen.io/kishin-karra/pen/PoYZEKo
  2. You are absolutely correct. That is what i mentioned in the initial question as well, I was just trying to figure out if there is a more efficient solution which i could not figure out from the docs. Will go with onUpdate then, Thanks a lot ?
  3. Using lag smoothing, i can tell Timeline/Tweens to adjust the lag (when the time between ticks is higher than x make them act as y milliseconds) but how do i know when the lag is actually smoothed. Thats when i will also smooth the lag of my audio.
  4. So we have a system where certain animations on elements run and simultaneously audio plays (combine them and you get a video), so to keep them in sync I need to constantly know that wether my audio is leading or lagging so that i can adjust it accordingly.
  5. Hi, Newbie here. I know that when the app performance goes low, gsap automatically slows down the internal gsap clock and brings back to normal when the performance is back to normal. I just want to know is there a direct way to find out wether the clock has changed or not? One way is i can animate a dummy element from my timeline start to timeline end and check the time in onupdate. But is there some direct callback/event which i can use? Sorry if the question is absurd or doesnt make sense at all.