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  1. Hey Zack and Mikel, Just one thing my Gsap animations on the hotsite aren't working either, everything works on chrome, edge but in IE11 nothing starts. Already posted my problem on the ScrollMagic forum let's see if anyone can help me. Thank you.
  2. Hello Mikel, Thanks! The problem is that there is no animation in IE11 and the second point making the screens that pass on the smartphone pass slower between them I couldn't control it in my script and I would like to put a caption on each screen. Is there any reason ScrollMagic doesn't work only in IE11?
  3. Hello Friends, I need help with my projec becouse the animations is working in almost all browsers except in IE11 its not do anything. The project you can see here: http://agenciaoxigenio.com.br/clientes/viavarejo/pontofrio/itaucard/ Please help me, Thanks. Sorry my bad english.