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  1. yes, that one uses setTimeout behind the scenes, also that code is in the sidebar i was talking about
  2. by debounce you mean a call that is placed inside a setTimeout, right? the only debounced call like this is in the sidebar, but that element is never deleted or hidden from the page
  3. oh, right.. I will check and will come back with results tomorrow most likely, but I highly doubt it because I've tried to set a 10seconds Tween and to delete the element in the middle of it and there was no error.. The last thing remains if the element is deleted somehow between TweenLite.to() and the _unwrapElement but I don't see how
  4. TweenChecker is a copy/paste of _unwrapElement that return either the element, or null I could not reproduce. I'm working only based off error reporting
  5. I am using Vue and all elements are referenced with ref I only have 2 calls that involves referencing elements as target (the rest are target = window). One of them is a sidebar that never gets hidden and has //<div class="sidebar" @mouseleave="debouncedScrollTop()" @mouseenter="debouncedScrollTop.cancel()"> // <div class="holder" ref="scrollElement" v-perfect-scroll="{ suppressScrollX: true }" v-on:ps-scroll-y="debouncedUpdateLeftBoxPositions"> // </div> //</div> export default { methods: { scrollTop(){ this.$scrollTo(this.$refs.scrollElement, 0.5, { scrollTo: 0 }) } }, computed: { debouncedScrollTop(){ return debounce(() => this.scrollTop(), 1000) } } } the this.$scrollTo is the wrapper in the first post. I have no v-ifs in this sidebar, the element is always there. the v-perfect-scroll is a directive that applies new PerfectScrollbar(target) -> this 3rd party does not replace the element, only applies some classes and some children elements the second one is a modal component that is always in the DOM of the current component. The js method is this export default { methods: { scrollToTop(){ if(!this.$refs.thumbsHolder) return false this.$scrollTo(this.$refs.thumbsHolder, 0.5, { scrollTo: 0 }) } } } In both cases: the element is always in the DOM and is called only by its parent component, so it is not called before it was rendered My initial thought was that the modal was causing problems when the route would change and the modal would disappear in the middle of the Tween. But I've set a tween of 10 seconds and changed the view in the middle of it and it did not cause any problems I really don't have anything more to show you guys... I've set a wrapper that explicitly checks the target element and it exists at the moment I fire TweenLite.to. The real component is more complicated and I cannot copy/paste it here. I've tried to remove unnecessary children from the template and chunks of js to be more readable.. But other than what I already posted, there is not much more relevant stuff to see I've fallen back to jQuery animate for now to see if it generates similar error
  6. The error keeps coming from Sentry from a user using windows xp and chrome v49.0.2623, and several users using windows 10 and Edge v18.17763 browser I went and looked inside the scroll plugin and found that it had a method _unwrapElement or something like this that could return null if the element didn't existed. So, I made a wrapper function that would check the element with the exact same function before calling TweenLite.to() Here is the code // gsap/ScrollToPlugin.js -> _unwrapElement var _window = _gsScope; function TweenChecker(value){ if (typeof(value) === "string") { value = TweenLite.selector(value); } if (value.length && value !== _window && value[0] && value[0].style && !value.nodeType) { value = value[0]; } return (value === _window || (value.nodeType && value.style)) ? value : null; } // wrapper to check if element exists before firing this function scrollTo(target, duration, vars){ var elem = TweenChecker(target); if(elem === null) return false; if(!elem) return false; TweenLite.to(target, duration, vars); } I have replaced all TweenLite.to calls with scrollTo calls, this is the only place that TweenLite is being fired from. The error is reported at ./node_modules/gsap/ScrollToPlugin.js in _getOffset at line 51:1 50: _getOffset = function(element, container) { 51: var rect = _unwrapElement(element).getBoundingClientRect(), <------------- this one Right now I'm lost and ran out of ideas. I do not understand why it would cause errors in edge & old chrome because those are basic DOM functions that are being used under the hood... Any ideas?